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Real people experience acupuncture to lose weight

Turn over urban newspapers and similar advertisements can be overwhelming . If you believe in such slogans , it is a complete fool . However , I acted as a fool of the fearlessness of ” knowing that there are tigers in the mountains , preferring to travel through the mountains ” . I didn’t want to lose weight and really realized the results . My friends exclaimed that I have changed .

” Weight loss ! Weight loss ! No diet ! No rebound ! ” .

I have tried various weight loss methods , and all ended in failure . This successful weight loss is due to acupuncture points in Chinese medicine , but many people that are not successful in losing weight by this method are also there . Friends have asked me the secret ?

The secret of is in everyone’s hands , not only to treat the weight loss process as a physiological debugging process , but also a psychological debugging process . Successful weight loss must overcome two major obstacles : the first are the cruel diet and water saving in the short term ; the second is the long-term diet without rebound .

The first day after massage , I was almost quarreled with the acupuncturist when I was told that I should not eat or drink for 24 hours . If it is said that eating is not tolerable , drinking water is not acceptable even in terms of concept . ” Eight glasses of watering a day ” is the basic health concept that I respect . I did not strictly follow the rules of the acupuncturist . When I was thirsty , I drank two glasses of water and ate an egg and a tomato . On the second day , he said that he lost two pounds . I was secretly happy , the acupuncturist said : ” Are you stealing something ? ” . I was amazed , wondering how she had flamboyant eyes , . So he said with a smile , just eat a little bit of food , which is not as good as my usual 1/ 6 ?

Later I learned why the acupuncturist questioned me with such a certain tone . In fact , after acupuncture , as long as people that strictly abide by not eating or drinking within 24 hours , the weight loss effect on the first day are at least 3 kgs , some people can even reach 6 kgs . Taking me as an example , after acupuncture on the first day of the second course of treatment , due to abiding by the rules of not eating or drinking for 24 hours , the second day claimed that it actually lost 4 kgs .

Within 8 days of a course of weight loss , fasting the bowel on the first day is very important . With the support of TCM acupuncture points , eating or drinking for 24 hours is not physiologically particularly unbearable and uncomfortable . Feelings actually come from psychology , from habits , always worrying about one or other terrible results due to fasting , and craving is the focus on whether it can overcome the short-term weight loss stage .

While strictly dieting and saving water , I quietly kept the same food-sweet ice cream . Whenever I feel discomfort due to dieting and water saving , I just want to think of a delicious ice cream in a day that can relieve my cravings , and my heart is immediately settled , which is very important to the psychological support of weight loss treatment .

Water saving is the most difficult to accept in the weight loss treatment . I am not willing to be a ” fool ” who is completely at my disposal , turning the process of massage acupuncture into a process of rational discussion¬† on the acupuncturist , and gradually realized that a very important part of the weight loss process is to control the drinking water to make fat people . The fat granule cells in the body shriveled and shrunk , just like drying large and full grape grains of raisins , and they can’t restore their original state after absorbing water . My ” Grape Theory ” images is easy to understand , which effectively helps me to consciously control drinking water during the weight loss stage ; sweet ice cream helps me overcome psychological discomfort . Recommend this set of theories and practices to friends and colleagues , and have achieved significant weight loss results .

Turned over a few pieces of clothes that had not been willing to throw 8 years ago but had been placed in the box because of weight gains , and they were worn on the body again . In the mirror , I regained the face shape of melon seeds , and even saw the raised beauty bones , and the high blood lipids in the previous two years dropped to the normal value . Wow This ” fools” is a bit funny .

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Acupoint is an ancient technique of traditional Chinese medicine . The theory of meridian of traditional Chinese medicine has a long history and has attracted more and more attention to recent years . Acupoint weight loss is to massage specific points , adjust the meridian of a specific area , and achieve weight loss by adjusting the five internal organs and endocrine . It is best to choose a regular hospital for acupuncture weight loss , because acupuncture points are not random . If you encounter a non-professional doctor , his acupoints are too hard and the acupuncture points are unclear , then it is not very good . Anyone who loses weight too fast Way , will cause harm to the body . Therefore , you should first investigate and select qualified hospitals and physicians .

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