Weight Loss / Easy weight loss / Questions and answers about G-wave shock wave liposuction to lose weight

Questions and answers about G-wave shock wave liposuction to lose weight

Obesity not only hinders people’s physical beauty , but also brings high blood pressure , coronary heart disease , cerebral arteriosclerosis and other diseases , and is the enemy of human health . Therefore , weight loss has naturally become a hot topic of concern .

So , how should we lose weight scientifically and effectively ? What are the advantages of the most popular Belgian energy gathering shock waves liposuction for weight loss ?

1 . Why has the trend of liposuction and weight loss was led by G-cell liposuction ?

liposuction has undergone a series of processes , from negative pressure suction liposuction , electronic liposuction , ultrasonic liposuction to resonance liposuction , but these technologies have certain limitations and it is not easy to achieve the desired results .

Scientific progress is the gospel of mankind . Energy-suction liposuction , which originated in Belgium and is popular with the world , has been proven by a large number of clinical studies in the past few years , and it has indeed brought a new way of weight loss and body sculpture to obese patients . It is the sixth-generation technology for weight loss that leads the new trend of liposuction and weight loss .

Liposuction has a very high safety protection system , thus improving the safety of liposuction and weight loss . Less trauma is one of its advantages , so the skin recovers quickly after operation . Fast liposuction : Because the fat is sucked out of the body at the same time when the fat is vibrated , the operation time , the degree of trauma , the amount of liposuction and the effect are better than any current liposuction method .

2 . What are the other characteristics of G-Length liposuction ?

Shaped Shockwave Liposuction can remove excess fat on face , neck and back (including buffalo back ) .

The advanced energy-absorbing liposuction system is also reflected in the absorption of excess fat while tightening the skin , which can solve the unevenness of the skin to the greatest extent , so that the skin naturally tightens without sagging .

3 . Why does the Liposuction does not damage normal tissues ?

Because the focused vibration wave only breaks and sucks out the deep fat tissue of the skin at the same time , it has the function of identifying and avoiding important tissues such as nerves , blood vessels and lymphatic vessels , . So it can effectively protect these important tissues .

It is understood that due to the energy-shaking shock wave also has the characteristics of automatically stop working when encountering skin , muscle , cartilage and other tissues , so as to avoid damage to these tissues .

4 . Be there any sequelae of G-wave vibration liposuction ?

Energy-saving liposuction is very safe , as long as the operation is performed in a large professional plastic surgery hospital , plus reasonable postoperative care , there will be no sequelae .

5 . Be any obese person suitable for fat-absorbing liposuction to lose weight ?

Although there are many benefits of liposuction and weight loss , not everyone is suitable for liposuction and weight loss . If you have special diseases such as high blood pressure or no disease , you are not suitable for this operation in women’s menstruation .

6 . How to choose a liposuction and weight loss institution and doctor ?

Liposuction is an operation with extremely high requirements on aseptic conditions , which requires a strict and regular operating room . Generally , the operating room of the small and medium-sized institutions should not be used for this operation . The surgeon must also have rich experience and good aesthetic vision . Therefore , surgery should choose a large specialty plastic surgery hospital with a professional liposuction doctor .

7 . Why won’t the energy-saving liposuction rebound ?

Weight loss methods can be basically divided into two methods to reduce the volume and number of fat cells . The total number of fat cells in the obese and normal people is the same , but the volume of a single fat cell is much larger and contains more fatter tissue . The role of drug weight loss and exercise weight loss is to temporarily make the fat cells smaller . Once the medication or exercise is stopped , the fat cells will quickly become larger again . Energy-saving shock waves liposuction can lose fat cells and reduce the total amount of fat , so as to achieve the effect of complete weight loss , and as long as you pay little attention to diet , it will not rebound .

8 . What issues should be paid attention to after the energy-shaping vibration waves liposuction ?

Generally rests about 2 days after the operation , avoid strenuous exercise in a month . And wear a corset for better recovery .

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