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Qigong weight-loss weight-loss exercises including dragon-climbing, tiger-style and shoulder-up

Qigong is an ancient practice method of self-cultivation and self-cultivation in my country . Later , it has evolved into a weight loss method . Many of the self-cultivations and self-cultivation methods passed down in China can be used to lose weight . Qigong weight loss method belongs to the category of weight loss in traditional Chinese medicine . Today I recommend the three major weight loss exercises for weight loss .

The first type : Dragon climbing

According to the different types of abdominal obesity , try to reduce abdominal fat accumulation . Although crawling may be unattractive , but at home practicing dragon weight loss , showing slim body when going out , why not do it ? Try climbing dragon to lose weight Merit .

Slimming Fast Ways:

Practice method : The limbs touch the ground , the fingers and toes is separated , the hips are raised as much as possible , the toes crawl hard forward step by step , and breathe naturally . Every 50 to 100 steps can get up and rest for a while . Repeatedly , usually no less than 30 minutes .

Efficacy : It can reduce waists and abdomen fat , and can assist in the treatment of neurasthenia and lumbar disc herniation .

Second style : Xihu style

Tiger’s march has the characteristics of posing . By practicing tiger weight loss , you can reduce the fat in the hip and thigh area . This may be beneficial to some obese people . We should remind you that if abnormal obesity in the limbs and certain parts of the body often means endocrine changes , you should go to the hospital to check for secondary obesity before practicing .

Practice method :

① Kneel on the ground , sit on the heels with your hips , and the spine should be straight .

② Place your hands on the floor , raise your hips , and make a crawling posture .

③Look straight ahead with two eyes , inhale , stretch your right leg backwards , do not breathe , bend your right knee , stare upwards , keep this position of a few seconds .

④ Exhale , and then make your right leg as close as possible to the chest , and make your nose as close as possible to the knee . At the same time , he bowed his head and his spine bent into an arch .

⑤Extend your right leg to the back , repeat this exercise and do it 6 times .

⑥ Then does the same for the left leg 6 times .

Efficacy : This function helps to stretch and exercise the spine , reduce fat in the tendons and thigh areas, and is especially suitable for postpartum women .

The third type : shoulder vertical

Certain diseases or local pain can cause local fat accumulation , especially necks shoulders , waist , and abdomen . For young obese people , it is also an attempt to lose weight .

Practice method :

① Lie on your back on a wooden bed , stretch your legs together , slowly raise your legs and torso , support your hands at the waist , and try to keep your upper body and legs upright . Press your elbows on your bed , touch your chest with your chin , and only on your neck and back shoulders . When you can’t support them , put them down slowly . At the beginning , I can only stick to l or 2 minutes at a time , and the time can be gradually extended .

② Use your nose to breathe slowly and naturally .

Note : This exercise is suitable for young people with better physical fitness .

Efficacy : It can reduce the fat on shoulders , neck , waist , and abdomen , and can prevent habitual constipation , chronic gastritis , and help maintain the flexibility of the spine .

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