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Qigong weight loss gives you a fit body

Qigong weight loss Many people think that this is a patent for the elderly . In fact , it is not the case . Using Qigong to lose weight does not require medicine or injections . It is simple , easy to master , no side effects , and no obvious hunger . It is a good choice of beauty and crush . There are many ways to lose weight in Qigong . I have introduced you to the dragon-climbing , Xihu-style and shoulder-stand styles of Qigong for weight loss . What did you introduce today ? Keep reading .

Principle of Qigong Weight Loss : By practicing Qigong , the intentional energy is transferred to the Qishou thinking required by Qigong , and the hunger is reduced to a certain extent . At the same time , it is required to adjust its own function due to Qigong to play a role in weight loss . This shows that Qigong does not lose weight by simply reducing food consumption , but by consuming excess energy by skill , so as to achieve the purpose of losing weight . Qigong has many ways to lose weight , I also introduced to you

Teach you to use Qigong to make a thin belly :

① Stand , bend your knees slightly , and separate your feet slightly less than your shoulders width . The upper body leans forward from the waist , hands on both thighs , fingers inward . Try to use your arms to support your torso . So you can relax your abdomen .

② Inhale deeply , then exhale slowly and thoroughly ; then quickly sprays / sprayed 2-3 times with nostrils .

③ Close your abdomen and retract your abdomen inwards and upwards . Then , push the abdominal muscles down and out vigorously to quickly restore the abdomen . does it 5 times in a row .

④ Then stands upright and inhale slowly and deeply .

⑤ Rest for 30 seconds , and then repeat the above steps ① to ④ 3-5 times .

⑥ Frail people can sit and practice with their hands on their knees .

Note :

① This function should be practiced before eating , after defecation , and when the gastrointestinal emptiness is empty . It is best to practice after getting up in the morning .

⑧ Pregnant women , people with heart disease , gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer are not suitable for practicing this exercise .

Efficacy : This functions can enhance gastrointestinal movement , massage and stimulate all organs in the abdominal cavity , reduce abdominal fat , and play a role in weight loss .

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