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Press the right acupuncture point to lose weight and fight off puffiness

Heavy work pressure, disrupted living habits, sedentary, obese, or metabolic function decline due to illness and fatigue can all make edema unexpected and become the culprit that affects your beauty-then try Try to “push down on the hole” by yourself to fight off the puffiness!

1. Zanzhu Cave

Located on both sides of the eyebrows of the face, acupuncture points on the inner edge of the eyebrows, pressing this point can relieve headaches and eliminate puffiness on the face.

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Compression method: follow the requirements of eye exercises, with your hands against the temples, use your index fingers to hold the two sides of the bamboo and gently rotate, every eight beats as a group, repeat eight rounds.

2. Pulp bearing hole

Located on the face, in the middle depression of the chin lip groove. The Chengjiang point is the meeting point of the foot and Yangming veins. Pressing this point for a long time can control the secretion of hormones, eliminate the accumulation of water in the body parts above the chest, and maintain the proper tension of the skin. Eva Longoria, a “desperate housewife” who just married a woman recently, recalled in an interview that she always likes to use a pencil to hold a lesson under the lip when she is studying. Perhaps the secret of this little-faced beauty’s face-lift is here!

Pressing method: gently press this point with your thumb, once per second, and press 20 times in a row.

3. Tiantu Point

Slightly tilted his head, located in the middle of the two clavicles, the middle of the upper sternal fossa is Tiantu Point Pressing this point can enhance the body’s metabolism and remove excess water from the face. The young girl singer also put a special disk on Tiantu acupoint to stimulate this acupuncture point with a weak current to achieve the purpose of clearing phlegm and brightening the throat.

Pressing method: This point should not be pressed hard, remember to finger gently. Use your right index finger to gently press once every two seconds, preferably 10 times.

4. Shenshu Point

Autumn and winter surface sweating ability weakened, a lot of water began to accumulate in the body. And many women have the habit of eating spicy or hot pot on cold days. A heavy taste diet further strengthens the burden on the kidneys, and excretion of water without stimulation often makes the body puffy. Shenshu point is located under the spinous process of the second lumbar spine of the waist, with the width of the left and right fingers. Stimulating this point can help maintain kidney health, help regulate metabolism, allow excess water in the body to drain away quickly, and keep the annoying body puffy in winter away from it!

Compression method: Lightly press the acupuncture points with the knuckles, once every second, rest for 10 seconds every 3 to 5 presses, then repeat this step three times.

5. Swelling plus points program

After entering the winter, lightly massage the blood circulation with hot towel before acupoint stimulation, the effect will be more obvious. You can choose to enjoy soft music when you press the acupuncture points, and press it gently and frequently according to the rhythm of the music, so that the acupuncture points will gradually receive the stimulation until you get used to the fingers, which will have a multiplier effect.

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