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Peeping into the weight loss cheats of the seven famous models

How does those fashions models to eat and drink , and why can they always maintain a graceful and attractive body ? You also want to have a body like them ! So what should I do ? Want to know their private secrets ? Small I’ll tells you .

Erin Tekken :

The height is 1.83 meters , the weight is much kg , and the size is 90-59-90 cm .

Slimming Fast Ways:

This Australian girl believes that exercise is more important than dieting , because exercise can consume a lot of heat . She has less the scruples in her diet , but she doesn’t indulge her appetite . ” I sometimes drink beer ; eat chocolate , but it’s always enough .” . Her breakfast is boiled water with fresh fruit , fish for lunch , and cheese for dinner .

Comments :

Weight loss by diet of can only work for a while . A reasonable way to lose weight is to combine scientific control of diet and exercise .

Linda Evangelista :

The height is 1.77 meters , the weight is 55 kilograms , and the size is 86-60-87 cm .

She ” liberates ” one day every week . On this day , she eats whatever she wants , because only in this way can I endure the strict diet of the remaining days . Of course , she also pays attention not to eat snacks between meals . Whenever the ” greedy worm ” turmoil , she silently reprimanded the coach’s rebuke , and then turned around and left the food . ” It’s painful , but for art , I can only make sacrifices .”

Comments :

Give yourself a chance to relax one day a week to achieve a certain balance . This is a way to learn from . But be careful not to sacrifice health .

Claudia Schiff :

The height is 1.80 meters , the weight is 58 kg , the size is 9O-62-91cm .

This German supermodel has a simple diet method to eat everything , but only a little bit of everything . I just tried to diversify the food on the plate . ” She doesn’t drink alcohol , she drinks a lot of water every day , but she doesn’t drink coffee . She eats tropical fruits of breakfast and a lot of fish for lunch and dinner .

Comments :

Water can nourish the skin . Some people drink at least much glasses of boiled water a day , and some people think that a big glass after each meal is better . In fact , the amount is not fixed , but you can’t drink until you are thirsty , but you should drink it in small quantities and many times .

Cindy Crawford :

The height is 1.77 meters , the weight is much kg , and the measurements are 86-58-84 cm .

Cindy said : ” I neither drink nor smoke , and keep chocolate out . My daily diet is nothing more than fruits , vegetables , and fish , but I insist on eating fewer meals and avoiding fatty foods . ” She thinks breakfast must not be skipped . She feels that dieting and bodybuilding is not a chore . Because ” this has formed a part of my life .”

Comments :

Dieting and bodybuilding is not about eating more and eating less , but the nutrients and calories contained in the food in order to scientifically control and regulate the diet .

Stephanie Simore :

The height is 1.76 meters , the weight is 55 public halls , the size is 85-1 6O-85 cm .

This girl from San Diego , U.S.A is a ” sweet cat ” and she will die when she sees sweets . However , in order to be a model , they had to diet , eating only raw carrots and unseasoned salads , drink plenty of water during the day , and occasionally drink some scent (excessive drinking will cause rough skin ) .

Comments :

For models , beautiful figure is their capital , so dieting and suppressing appetite is really helpless . There is no need to be so cruel to ordinary people . Dieting and fitness should pay attention to science , and blindly dieting in desperation for the sake of slim body is not enough .

Paulina Politzkova :

Height 1.79 cm , weight 59 public halls ; measurements g0-58-90 cm .

Paulina said : ” I will never let my life be entangled in the calorie of the whole day , I eat everything , regardless of whether the calories and cholesterol is high or low . However , my diet is very regular , except eating , Do not eat any snacks .”

Comments :

Paulina’s point of view is very much in line with Eastern habits , and everything goes with it . The human body are a self-regulating and self-balancing system , which artificially restricts what to eat and emphasizes what to eat . The effect is often counterproductive .

Nicky Taylor :

The height is 1.81 meters , the weight is 56 public halls , and the measurements are 90-60-90 cm .

Nicky’s dieting and weight loss , ” I’m always experimenting to find out what works for me .” . At present , she just eats as many fruits and vegetables as possible , such as milk cereals and toast for breakfast , fruits and multi-vitamins juice . She only enjoyed an American meal when she returned home of Sunday . The next day , she only ate banana and turkey salad .

Comments :

Dieting and bodybuilding should proceed from their own conditions , because each situation is different , there is no need to follow a consistent rule .

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