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Pay attention to five issues when buying weight loss pills

According to experts , the first choice of weight loss medicines is to have a comprehensive understanding of your physical condition (such as whether there will be adverse reactions to other drugs , whether there are other diseases , etc . ) . If you are unsure about the situation , you should consult an expert Or professionals , do not make judgments on your own .

In general , the following issues should be not when choosing weight loss products :

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1 . Packing :

See if the formula contains sex hormones , hormone-containing products will cause endocrine disorders , leading to other complications .

2 . Mechanism :

See clearly whether there is a weight loss mechanism in the instruction manual to determine the safety and effectiveness ; for example , Qumei , the instruction manual has a leading level of dual weight loss mechanism . On the one hand , by inhibiting the reuptake of serotonin to control the intake of excess calories ; On the other hand , by suppressing the reuptake of norepinephrine , it burns excess body fat .

3 . Look at the type of obesity :

Weight loss products are generally effective for simple obesity , obesity that can not be controlled by diet and exercise , and are not effective against genetic obesity . If you cannot determine the type of obesity , you can consult a doctor at the local weight loss center or call 800-807-0050 nationwide Free hotline consultation , medical professionals to help you , after formulating their own weight loss program , then choose the right weight loss products .

4 . Lot number :

Pay attention to the approval number of the product , whether it is the national drug approval number and other national authoritative chief reviews organs . Generally , the audit requirements of the national leading review authority are stricter than those of the local review authority . The quality and safety of the products that can pass the approval for the national lead review authority is reliable .

5 . Brand :

Choose some big brands as much as possible . These big manufacturers have strong overall strength , clear product development goals , advanced technical force , and of course high quality and good after-sales service .

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