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Out of the five misunderstandings of weight loss and lose weight quickly

In order to lose weight and lose weight , we consume money , we work tirelessly , we work around the clock . But in the face of complicated weight loss methods , how can we avoid the misunderstandings ? As long as you cleverly avoid these five mistakes , you can easily lose weight .

Myth 1 : Vigorous exercise once a week

Medical research has found that people who are usually used to resting life suddenly do vigorous physical activities or large-scale physical training , which may cause hypoglycemia , cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases or unexpected sudden death . In addition , the largest fitness club in the United States (Valley ) , after studying the medical and legal records of 71 cases of deaths during sports in 325 fitness clubs within 2 years , found that ordinary members went to the fitness club to exercise 20 to 25 times a year , and die suddenly . The frequency of exercise was less than once a month . Therefore , exercise to lose weight must be gradual and must be maintained for a long time .

Myth 2 : It’s okay to eat more vegetable oiled

The main cause of obesity are excessive nutrition and excessive calorie intake . Weight loss MM knows not to eat more meat , but ignores the problems caused by excessive consumption of vegetable oil . In fact , the same weight of vegetable oil contain more than double the calories of pork , and 40 times that of cabbage . Relevant experts have conducted experiments , such as ingesting 5 grams of vegetable oil every day without being consumed , it will be 10 kilograms longer after 10 years , and an average of 1 kilogram more each year . Therefore , weight loss MM must pay special attention to the intake of vegetable oils .

Myth 3 : Control diet can achieve weight loss

Excessive control of food intake will cause the lack of essential nutrients , which will affect the body’s function and immunity . More than 90% of people that lose weight by dieting will rebound , because excessively controlled diets cannot last long , but they eat less in a short period of time for changing dietary habits . Once you resume your normal diet , your weight will rebound immediately .

Myth 4 : Wherever you are obese , concentrate on exercising

Slimming exercise consumes visceral fat first , and then subcutaneous fat , . So it can be seen that the effect of changes in body shape is relatively lagging , especially the reduction of abdominal fat . You must continue to exercise for a while before you can see obvious changes . In addition , local exercised can only enhance the strength of local muscles (thicken muscle fibers ) , but cannot lose weight locally , because subcutaneous fat is consumed first in places with more blood flow , such as limbs and cheeks .

Myth 5 : You can lose weight by sweating in a sauna

The water in the human body is mainly in body fluids (such as blood , intercellular fluid ) and muscle cells , but not in fat cells . After a lot of sweating , there will be thirst , which leads to a lot of water and quickly restores the original weight . Therefore , the benefit of sweating is that it can take away some of the metabolites in the body , but it is impossible to achieve rapid weight loss through a lot of sweating .

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