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OL must know tips for diet control weight loss

Diet control has a knack for a person’s life . Eating really becomes a big problem . If you want to cook something , you either have no kitchen or you are afraid that you will not be able to finish cooking . Such a result will only make you a meal outside . Solved foreign food tribes , it only accelerates your rate of gaining weight .

Why is it easy to get fat when eating outside ? This is because restaurants and snack bars of will put more MSG and seasonings for the deliciousness of the food . Eating too much seasoning is not only bad at the body , but also seasoning There are calories. So you eat a lot of calories after eating , no wonder you will get fat . And sometimes because of the inconvenience of eating , I am too lazy to eat three meals and fill my stomach with instant noodles or snacks . The high calories of snacks are the killers of obesity . Fried noodles can also make you fat and hurt If you are really hungry , , Let’s replace the high-calorie snacks with lettuce salad , which will make you healthy and slim !

Office workers fast food weighted loss method

Controlling the diet is the primary job of the dieter , but it is not so easy about foreign dieters , but you can still reduce the chance of gaining weight with some small actions !

1 . Avoid touching high-fat foods

Fried foods are definitely to be avoided by dieters , especially fried meat , the calories are even more scary . In addition , when eating meat , it is best to remove the fat-filled skin and part of the fat Such a small action can help you lose a lot of fat , and removing the oil floating in the surface when drinking soup is also a little trick to reduce fat .

2 . Prepare a bowl of water to remove oil

In restaurants and snack bars of , for the sake of delicious food , a lot of seasonings and animal fats are usually added when cooking , so most of the meals outside are too greasy . At this time , you can prepare a bowl of watering The greasy food is over-watered and de-oiled . Although the dishes will lose their taste in this way , they have to sacrifice deliciousness for your body .

3 . Noodle soup has less calories than fried noodles

As a foreign foodie , there must be plenty of opportunities to visit the noodle shop , but did you know that eating noodle soup will be better than fried noodles and dry noodles ? This is because dry noodles and fried noodles have more oil than noodle soup , and the calories are higher . It’s too much noodle soup , so next time you want to eat noodles , eat noodle soup instead !

Editor’s Note :

Workers fast food weight loss method , it is recommended that you drink a bowl of soup before eating , the soup is lighter , the better , the calories of the soup are higher , do not drink more , drinking soup before the meal will make you feel full , staple food The portion will be reduced ; the staple food is best to eat vegetables . Vegetables are not only low in calories , but also high in nutritional value . When the stomach feels 7 minutes full , come to eat and meat .

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