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Weight Loss / Easy weight loss / Netizens lose weight: I lost 65 pounds in half a year!

Netizens lose weight: I lost 65 pounds in half a year!

I’ve been fat since childhood . When it was born before , it would cost 9 catties and 8 catties .

Is equivalent to the weight of two children .

Later when I was in middle school , I weighed 160 pounds .

Wanted to lose weight in summer vacation year . Then I went to play basketball for two months .

When I first entered the medical examination of the technical secondary school . The weight has really dropped . 152 pounds .

I first saw results and I started to eat too much .

As a result , in the second grade of technical secondary school , the weight soared to 165 kgs .

Did not feel much at the time . Probably because there is a woman in our class that is similar to me . Fatty too . So there is no particular desire to lose weight .

Went to work in the winter vacation to the third grade of technical secondary school . The result is too superior . In that month , they continued to eat indiscriminately . The result was 180 pounds .

Went to school that time . I found that the woman in our class was actually thinner than me .

Where I lost weight when I was hurricane .

Would like to lose weight later . Have tried many weight loss products . There are ” banners ” , ” lizi ” and ” red dream ” slimming tea . There are also miscellaneous ” Qingzhi capsules ” .

It is undeniable that these products have a little effect on my weight loss .

Did lose some weight later . It turned out that I lost weight . When I returned home that summer , I started eating again . Becoming proud .

I am the kind of person that is proud of a little achievement .

Results Physical examination at the beginning of the third grade of the technical secondary school . My weight soared to 192 pounds .

I have completely given up on losing weight .

Felt like this in his life . Always be fat .

After graduating from junior college , he continued to eat wildly . Spicy Takeaway Fried chicken wings . buffet I often go to these .

later caused his money to be lost . I also ow a debt . The money is eaten by myself .

The reward it gave me was that my weight soared to 215 pounds .

Is just one year .

Later in the summer , our middle school classmates had a party .

Hit me deeply .

People are fat . Always inferiority .

That time , my classmate took many photos for us .

Later , I secretly deleted all my photos .

still left one . (I still regret it a bit now . I shouldn’t delete it . I can still see it . remind myself . )

Later after the summer vacation . back to school . I found the woman in our bedroom . I used to be in the same class as my secondary school .

She actually lost 20 pounds .

She was originally about 120 kgs . It’s not fat for me .

She came back to say that she would continue to lose weight .

At first , it was difficult for me to accept her behavior .

She loses weight by not eating .

Eat nothing for a day . It took only 3 days to eat half an apple .

had passed out before . Now she is 87 catties .

Watched her lose weight so much . I also want to lose weight .

So I started to eat less and move more .

In fact , I can’t support it for a long time , I will give a little comfort to my hard work .

Even so . However , due to my proper weight loss method , there is still no rebound .

Winter vacation is the most fat time . In order to avoid this time , I went to find a job .

Because of this , also escaped the peak of violent eating .

went back to school and continued to lose weight .

began to lose weight officially in November 2006 .

lost 180 by December .

thinned to 175 by January 2007 .

The goal given to me at that time was to be 150 by May .

In order to give yourself the goal to stick to . I also bet on my classmates . thin to 150 by May .

Bet who will pay for the money going to Disney . Ha ha .

later arrived in May . It’s 152 pounds .

Although the goal was not achieved . Bet lost . But still very happy .

lost 65 pounds in half a year .

is still continuing to lose weight . Plan to thin to 120 . I am satisfied .

People who want to lose weight . , Let’s continue to cheer together . Don’t be discouraged . I can lose weight .

But it is undeniable that I was fat because of it . So it’s faster .

will not move from now on . I’m really worried . I’m really afraid that I can’t hold it and start eating again .

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