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Weight Loss / Easy weight loss / Natural slimming method of the 1st , healthy weight loss without losing weight

Natural slimming method of the 1st , healthy weight loss without losing weight

Busy urban women can hardly find time to lose weight every day . So , is there any way to lose weight that allows women to lose weight naturally and casually , and make weight loss a part of life ? Below , the editor recommends the natural weight loss method of your metabolism . According to the laws of metabolism in different time periods , through exercise and diet adjustment , to achieve the purpose of healthy weight loss .

6 : 30-Do a simple exercise to wake up the bones

When waking up early in the morning , exercise should mainly be soothing and free , the purpose is to wake up the muscles and bones that had slept overnight and activate the body’s metabolism for a day .

Movement method :

1 . Prepare to move .

Stand your body upright , with your feet apart and shoulder-width apart , and breathe deeply . Raise your hands so that your arms are perpendicular to the front of your body .

2 . Twist movement .

First twist the waist 20 times to the right , then turn the waist 20 times to the left , and repeat this set of actions three times . When twisting your waist , keep your head still . This can shape the outline of the face . Keeping your hips still , you can exercise your thighs muscles .

3 . Shake hands .

When you shake your hands , push your chest forward and press your waist down to make your hips back . Shake your hands up and down 100 times to reduce excess fat under your arms .

4 . Twist buttocks exercise .

Twist the hips to the left and to the right 20 times . This movement is slightly more difficult , it looks like it is twisting the waist , but it is actually twisting the hips . Therefore , more attention should be paid to the curvy beauty of the body when it twists . When doing this action , be sure to apply force and make the amplitude as large as possible , so that you can stretch to the muscles and muscles of the side body .

7 o’clock-eat high-quality breakfasted conducive to weight loss

People who do not eat breakfast are more likely to gain weight . Eating breakfast can not only provide the human body with the nutrients needed throughout the morning , but also prevent people from eating a lot of food due to excessive hunger for lunch , and help women to lose weight .

Breakfasted recipe recommendation :

A . Drink a cup of honey watered with 200 mls of fasting water , brewed with warm water on an empty stomach . This is conducive to women’s detoxification .

B . Eat two egg whites . Egg protein has very low calories , but the protein content is above 98% , which can provide sufficient nutrition for women .

C . Eat 2 to 3 slices of whole wheat bread . Whole wheat bread is rich in dietary fiber , vitamin E and zinc , potassium and other minerals , healthy and slim .

9 o’clock–Use the peak period of human metabolism to increase the metabolic rate

The body has the highest metabolic level in the morning period . At this time , slimming has the most obvious effect . White-collar women can choose to lose weight during this time . Climbing stairs consumes 4 times more calories than walking , and 29% more than morning running exercises . You can lose weight by climbing stairs .

10 o’clock-eat some detox snacks

Small snacks should be eaten selectively . Eating a few nuts (such as macadamia nuts , cashew nuts , etc . ) known as ” weight managers ” can not only satisfy gluttonous desires , but also promote the body’s metabolic cycle and suppress weight gain .

11 : 00-Drink some herbal tea before lunch

Women can make a cup of herbal tea before lunch . The pleasant tea aroma will soothe your tense emotions in an instant , and it can also refresh the fire , beautify your face , and effectively relieve hunger .

11 : 30-Pay attention to ” two highs and two lows ” for lunch

A high-protein , high-fiber , low-calorie , low-fat lunch can not only enhance physical strength , but also accelerate the frequency of body metabolism .

lunched weight loss recipe recommendations :

A . Eat a small bowl of brown rice . Brown rice is rich in vitamin B and its compounds , which can improve the metabolic function of women and bring a strong sense of fullness .

B . Eat a small plate of lean fried celery . The crude fiber in celery can accelerate gastrointestinal motility , while the protein contained in lean meat can satisfy people’s energy throughout the afternoon .

C . Drink a small bowl of winter melon soup . Winter melon can effectively control the sugar in the body , prevent fat accumulation , and can also consume excess fat. So it can play a good role in weight loss .

12 : 30-half an hour walk after lunch

In addition to helping to digest food and promote the metabolism of the human body , you can breathe fresh air , so that you are full of energy throughout the afternoon .

13 o’clock-doing happy housework , effectively improving the metabolic rate

Scrubbing can consume at least 500 calories , finishing clothes can consume 220 calories , cutting vegetables can consume 180 calories , and washing dishes can also consume 360 ”calories .

15 : 30-Drink afternoon tea can fight hunger

A cup of yogurt or an apple can make you fight against hunger in the afternoon , and will prevent you from losing weight due to excessive food intake of dinner . If you can brew another pot of thick Pu’er tea to break with the body’s fat and promote the body’s metabolism , I believe your fat will disappear unconsciously .

17 : 00-Eat a high protein dinner

In the evening , the body’s metabolism level begins to decrease . Therefore , the amount of dinner intake directly affects the success of weight loss . Usually , as long as the defense line of dinner is held , weight loss can be half successful .

Dinner recipe recommendation :

A . Eat about 150 grams of chicken or fish .

B . Eat a vegetable salad . You can slice a cucumber , shred two pieces of Ganlan leaves , add a small amount of Qiandao sauce to taste , and then eat .

C . Drink a small glass of 150ml of tomato juice or other low-calorie juice . Tomato juice is rich in B vitamins , which can increase the vitality of body cells and promote fat metabolism .

19 o’clock-Let small movements achieve perfect metabolism

After dinner , women can use their leisure time to watch TV with their family and do 100 abdominal exercises with one breath and one breath . This simple exercise method can easily get rid of belly fat if you persist in a long time .

Recommend a set of aerobic abdomen exercises :

A . Exhale While exhaling , tighten your lower abdomen until you exhale all in one breath .

B . Inhale When exhalation ends , inhale slowly and deeply , and at the same time bulge the lower abdomen until the gas inhaled by the abdomen is full and hardened .

C . Repeat A and B for half an hour to achieve the purpose of burning belly fat .

21 : 00-Drink red wine before going to bed , burnable fat and fat beauty

Women can drink about 100ml of red wine before going to bed . This can not only beautify the beauty , but also promote sleep . Most importantly , red wine can also help women to burn fat unconsciously during sleep when metabolism is at a minimum .

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