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Natural diet pills, 3 kinds of natural diet foods are “natural laxatives”

Weight loss pills have become the first for people that lose weight , but the side effects of various weight loss pills on the market cannot be ignored . Today I recommend three pure natural weight loss foods ” natural laxatives ” that can be used as weight loss pills . In modern society , many people have trouble with constipation due to diet and rest problems , especially white-collar students and people who are losing weight .

People with constipation will stay in the intestines , and the lower abdomen will swell , resulting in high body weight . Excrement stays too long , the body will be unhealthy , not conducive to the body , and toxins are not easy to discharge for people who lose weight .

Slimming Fast Ways:

Several effects of constipation :

1 . It affects the health of the large intestine , exerts pressure on the anus , and also affects the bladder and uterus .

2 . The abdomen becomes thicker , the skin becomes worse , and the mental state is not good .

3 . Cause various problems such as bad breath and body odor .

The normal defecation cycle is 1-2 days . If you do not have a bowel movement towards¬† more than 3 days , you should pay attention . You should drink more water and eat more high-fiber fruits and vegetables to promote the metabolism of the body’s intestines .

What if I really experience constipation ? Don’t think about taking medicine , there are several naturals and healthy foods that are equivalent to “laxatives .” . It is harmless to the human body after eating , and can also help bowel movements . After being put away , adults and children may use it !

The 3 kinds of weight loss foods are ” natural laxatives ” , which can be used as weight loss pills . When you eat constipation , your intestines will be unobstructed !

Natural diets food 1 : Celery

Celery is a high-fiber food , rich in water and can improve edema , help diuretic , and promote your intestinal circulation . However , many people reject its taste . Not knowing that it is a defecation expert . When you encounter constipation , you can drink a glass of celery juice , and it will be particularly effective after drinking ! At the same time , celery is also an expert on weight loss .

Natural Weight Loss Food 2 : Ripe Banana

Banana is also laxative . It is because of luxation that it has a good weight loss effect and also has a sense of fullness . Therefore , the banana weight loss method is very popular with netizens , but it should be not that the banana must be ripe . It has the effect of lubricating the intestine . Bananas , which are relatively jerky , are just the opposite , hindering the intestinal tract . Many people only know that bananas can prevent constipation , but choose the wrong banana , resulting in no laxative effect .

Natural diets food 3 : Honey water

Everyone should be familiar with the honey weight loss method . Waking up a cup of honey water in the morning not only replenishes the body of water , but also makes a lube for the intestine to accelerate the excretion of feces ! Drink a glass of warm water in the morning , and then drink a glass of honey waters to let you go to the toilet in the morning .

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