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N questions about acupuncture for weight loss

Acupuncture for weight loss is mainly systemic weight loss , the local weight loss effect is not too obvious . However , the fat in the abdomen is relatively obvious through multiple needle sticks and deep punctures .

Question 1 : Where to go for acupuncture ?

May wish to choose a large hospital , because they have received formal training in college . If you want to choose a beauty salon practitioner , you must understand their medical experience , or listen to their word of mouth from other weight loss customers .

Question 2 : Is dieting controlled ?

needs diet control , but if someone asks to lose weight to control the food intake to be very low and harsh , it is not a good thing , it is easy to cause to rebound , and it is not clear whether the reduced weight is the role of acupuncture or diet . In fact , the purpose of diet control is to ensure that the stomach has room to shrink from the basis of ensuring nutrition , and also allow the body to use the heat energy generated by the decomposition of fat .

Question 3 : Where does acupuncture loses weight ?

Acupuncture weight loss is mainly systemic weight loss , the local weight loss effect is not too obvious . However , the fat in the abdomen is relatively obvious through multiple needle sticks and deep punctures .

Question 4 : Will it was painful ?

During the course of acupuncture , there will be acid , paralysis , swelling , and pain . These are normal . During treatment , I feel very used to it after I overcome the tension .

dieting to lose weight is to lose weight hungry , simply eat less food , or even do not eat . Usually dinner only eats vegetables or fruits .

Effect evaluation : This method of weight loss is quick and convenient , but it is not durable . During the first two weeks of dieting , the weight loss is the fastest , but the longer the diet , the less weight will be lost . Moreover , most of the weight lost is water and muscle , which hurts the body and is prone to anorexia . In addition , the body will react to reserve energy in order to prevent starvation next time , so once the diet is stopped , the weight will rebound quickly .

Sports weight loss for a long time insisting on aerobic exercise that lasts for a certain amount of exercise for a certain period of time , and cooperate with moderate diet .

Effect evaluation : It is a healthy way to lose weight . Exercise can increase the basic metabolic rate and make the body fat burn quickly . Therefore , exercise once every 2 days , more than half an hour each time , the body burns more than 300 calories of heat energy , and then diet , can effectively lose weight . But the effect is relatively slow , and the appetite is often wide after exercise , and the calories of the food ingested will exceed the calories burned when exercising . Once the exercise is stopped , the basal metabolic rate becomes slower and fat will accumulate in the body , causing a rebound in body weight .

Medicine for weight loss is more common to various slimming teas . Now , various western medicines that suppress the central nervous system and reduce gastrointestinal absorption of fat are also widely used .

Effect evaluation : The use of Western medicine has obvious effects such as controlling appetite and reducing human absorption , but it has much side effects and is harmful to health . The traditional Chinese medicine for removing fat and light body basically has the effect of promoting excretion . At the same time of reducing fat , it also loses a lot of water . There are many diarrheas . People feel tired and weak . Long-term use will cause intestinal dysfunction . Possible

Liposuction for weight loss , a surgical weight loss method that has emerged from / as recent years , is more popular with European and American countries .

Effect evaluation : The effect is obvious , especially for local fat such as buttocks , hips and thighs , upper limbs , jaws and other fat reduction effect is better than other methods , but there are wounds and expensive charges . In addition , many patients with chronic diseases such as high blood fat , high blood sugar , and pulmonary insufficiency cannot be operated on .

Special reminder

Acupuncture weight loss instructions

During weight loss , avoid candy , fried food , starchy foods , soy products , and even edible vegetables must be over water or cold . Must eat breakfast , can be sugar-free milk or sugar-free soy milk and eggs . Stop eating after 7pm .

Stop the needle during menstruation , but diet must be as above .

Pulling the needle within 2-4 hours is best to avoid strenuous exercise , not steaming the sauna or taking a bath to avoid bacterial infection of the needle .

If you are tired , hungry , long-distance running , or sweating before acupuncture , you need to rest for a while or see a doctor after eating .

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