Weight Loss / Exercise to lose weight / Mountain climbing in the spring reduces fat and weight

Mountain climbing in the spring reduces fat and weight

Running on a treadmill is a ” magic weapon ” for many people to lose weight , because the preset multiple programs to allow you to know your fat consumption . The ” Los Angeles Times ” recently pointed out that these settings are not scientific , because the purpose of weight loss is not only to reduce fat , but fat and body weight together , and adjust the proportion of fat to about 12% of body weight .

When people perform low-intensity exercises , it is mainly fat to provide energy .

Therefore , the fat burning weight loss program on the treadmill will guide people to carry out long-term low-intensity exercised . For example , when walking fast on a treadmill , about 50% of calorie consumption comes from fat burning ; if running , only 35% of calorie consumption comes from fat burning . In this way , brisk walking seems better than jogging . So most people think that as long as you sweat on the treadmill for two hours , you lose weight . In fact , this is not scientific , because although this can consume fat , it can not effectively lose weight .

On the contrary , when people do high-intensity exercised , although less fat is burned , the weight loss is faster .

For example , a quick run can consume about 330 calories in half an hour , but a brisk walk at the same time can only consume about 200 calories . At this time , the effect of running is better than walking . But at this time , we mainly consume carbohydrates in the human body and cannot burn fat too much . Therefore , to lose weight with a treadmill , you should combine high and low-intensity exercise , after a quick run , go for a while .

In addition , many sports coach to suggest that if you don’t want to waste too much time running and walking , climbing is a good choice . Because its exercise intensity is between walking and running , it can consume more calories at the same time , both fats and weight loss , and you will feel that mountain climbing is an interesting sport , unlike pure running and Walking is so boring .

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