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Mo Wenwei’s Legs and Body Soup

” Fitness Soup for Mo Wenwei ” brings together nearly 50 traditional Chinese soups carefully prepared by Mo Dawei for his daughter Mo Wenwei and the whole family . Mo Wenwei can always maintain a mellow voice , and is also close to the tea of ”Changyin Family . Inseparable It has been hard to imagine how busy he has been in the performing arts for many years , and the reason why Mo Wenwei has always maintained a bright and attractive appearance and a healthy body , the family-owned soup drink is indispensable ! It seems like a bowl of ordinary soup , as long as you drink a little every day , the effect is great . Over time , it has become the secret of Mo Wenwei staying healthy !

Red rice brown rice white rice drinks

Material : 19 grams of red rice , brown rice and white rice , proper amount of honey , 15 bowls of water

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Method : Wash all kinds of rice . Bring the water to a boils, add all kinds of rice and cook for 15 minutes on high heat , then cook on low heat of 20 minutes , season with honey and drink .

Efficacy : These three kinds of rice contain a variety of amino acids and vitamins . This water is flavored with honey . Drinking a cup a day has a significant effect on beauty and health . The remaining beverages must be refrigerated to prevent rancidity .

Wine invades dates

Material : 600 grams of Nanzao , 1800 grams of Shaoxing aged wine , 1 sealed glass bottle

Method : Wash and dry the jujube . Place the wine and jujube in glass bottles and seal them ; after 3 months , open them , store the wine and jujube in separate bottles and drink . If the weather is hot , it is best to put it in the refrigerator for refrigeration . Note : The material can be increased or decreased in proportion .

Efficacy : Drink a small glass of jujube wine before bed to make you look radiant , full of energy , and stay away from anemia (blood is the source of beauty ) . It is also beneficial to eat 6 or 7 wine-invaded dates every day . Juveniles and children should not drink alcohol . They can eat jujubes in an appropriate amount to help development , strengthen their muscles and bones , and lay the foundation for future health . When young children eat dates , they should be pitted and be careful when eating .

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