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Milk, soy milk, healthy weight loss, drink a slim figure

In summer , if you like to drink beverages , you might as well have some milk and soy milk . They are all good weight-loss foods . The editor of the list of the most effective weight-loss drugs below will introduce you to the weight loss effects of milk and soy milk . Let’s take a look .

The principle of soy milk weight loss :

The principle of soy milk weight loss :

1 . Soy milk is a low-calorie drink

Soy milk is a very low-calorie drink . Each 100ml of soy milk only contains 14 calories . It is one of the low-calorie and delicious weight-loss drinks . Controlling calorie intake is an important part of healthy weight loss , and low-calorie soy milk that helps increase satiety can help you better control your diet and greatly reduce your calorie intake !

2 . Soy milk contains a lot of cellulose

Fiber can not only help you increase your feelings of fullness and reduce your intake of other foods , it can also help you speed up the peristalsis of the stomach and intestines , which is very beneficial to eliminate constipation and reduce fat on your stomach . Therefore , if you drink soy milk regularly , you will not eat too much excess food because your stomach is full . This is also a very effective way to control your appetite .

3 . The unsaturated fatty acids in soy milk help increase fat burning

Soy milk is a high-fat drink , but it can help you lose weight . Because most of the fat contained in soy milk is healthy unsaturated fatty acids , this nutrient can help you consume all the saturated fat in the body , thereby speeding up the burning of fat and reducing excess fat . It is an essential nutrient for healthy and fast weight loss .

Milk weight loss principle :

1 . Reduce hunger and increase muscle

Milk will protect the gastric mucosa and inhibit gastric acid secretion , . So it can effectively reduce hunger . The casein in milk is an indispensable protein for increasing muscles . It can effectively synthesize muscles . Drinking a glass of warm milk before going to bed also has a good weight loss effect .

2 . Calcium and whey protein help burn fat

A study by the University of Tennessee in the United States confirmed that the calcium and whey protein in dairy products can help burn excess fat .

When the body is deficient in calcium , it will release calcitriol to increase fat reserves and slow down the burning of fat . Sufficient calcium can inhibit the release of calcitriol and reduce fat . Whey protein is a natural protein in milk . It accounts for for 20% of the total protein content of milk and 80% of breast milk . It can consume fat in the process of promoting muscle building .

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