Lose weight / Partial weight loss / Meibian teaches you two ways to lose weight to eliminate double chin!

Meibian teaches you two ways to lose weight to eliminate double chin!

Everyone wants to have a star-like little melon face . Although most of the contours of the face are natural , if you can still have a perfect face through various transformations , today I will introduce two methods to everyone To help you eliminate double chin !

The first trick : facial acupressure points to eliminate double chin

There is no orthodox meridian acupuncture point for the acupressure position , but you can start from the corner of the mandible to the mandible , which is the bone where the chin meets the neck when you raise your head . Along the bone side edge of the mandible , from left to right . From bottom to top , it is the most effective part to eliminate chin cellulite .

1 . Shiatsu points

  • (1 ) . Put four fingers together , fingertips facing upwards , and place your thumb under the chin (where the mandible meets the muscles , the edge of the jaw ) .
  • (2 ) . When using acupressure , just push up slightly .

2 . Double chin weight loss exercises

After the acupressure is completed , the edge lines are softened . Eliminate the edge of fat on the chin and pull it to the muscles under the chin . In one retract , one release , one tight and one loose , it promotes the firmness of muscles and achieves the function of enhancing lymphatic circulation .

  • (1 ) . Keep your eyes straight ahead , and your hands will droop naturally .
  • (2 ) . Do not move your shoulders and keep your waist straight . Extend your chin as far as possible , preferably to touch your chest .
  • (3 ) . Then return to the pose of action 1 .
  • (4 ) . Keep still below the shoulders , press the neck back as far as possible , stay for 2.3 seconds , and finally return to the posture of action 1 .

The second trick : neck liposuction to eliminate double chin

Double chin neck liposuction is a common operation . It can suck the extra platysma fat pad and remove the double chin . Double chin neck liposuction will make you younger and more beautiful .

The liposuction planes is located in the superficial layer of the platysma , and the tunnels are distributed among a fan shape , forming a thinner skin fat flap . The subcutaneous fat should be sucked as far as possible to facilitate skin retraction ; elastic bands should be worn on the neck after surgery to fix the skin shape . Patients with excessively loose skin may have normal reactions such as unevenness , painful nodules , and loose skin after liposuction , which are generally completely eliminated from 1 to 2 years . The long-term effect is good , and there is no need for liposuction again to avoid aggravating symptoms .

The incision of double chin neck liposuction is generally located under the neck . In order to better judge the fat level , it can be determined by coronary magnetic resonance examination before the operation if necessary , and the operation can be targeted during the operation .

When aspirating superficially , be careful not to damage the anterior jugular vein on the inside and not damage the external jugular vein on the outside . If there is platysma slack , neck wrinkles can be used . Generally , the suction volume does not exceed 200ml . Bleeding , suture the incision , and decide whether to insert negative pressure drainage and pressure bandaging according to the bleeding situation .

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