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Matters needing attention when taking weight loss drugs

(1 ) . Cocaine and its derivatives , which act on the central nervous system and have appetite suppressing effects , can suppress the appetite center when acting on the lower thalamus . Generally 5mg each time , two to three times a day , take half an hour before meals to an hour . The effective effect of continuous medication can be maintained for 20-24 weeks . Common side effects is dry mouth and insomnia .

(2 ) . Heat-generating drugs , the common one is thyroid hormone . Because the thyroid function of patients with simple obesity is normal , in recent years , some doctors added thyroid hormone on the basis of strict diet control , which can accelerate the weight loss of obese patients . The dose starts at 30 mgs twice daily and gradually increases the dose to 60 mg two to three times daily . Because thyroid hormone has an effect on myocardial function , and obese patients are often accompanied by coronary heart disease , . So you should be cautious when using large doses of thyroid hormone .

(3 ) . Drug that reduce or delay gastrointestinal absorption . At present , there are double-pulse drugs in clinical use , such as Jiangtangling , dimethyl dipulmonate , etc , the former dose is 50mg , twice daily , the latter is 500mg , twice daily , and gradually increase the dose until the gastrointestinal tract appears* *Symptoms , or Jiangtangling up to 300mg/b and Jiangtang tablet’s up to 3000mg/day , but its therapeutic effect is not yet certain .

In addition , eating 100 grams of celery every day , or drinking slimming tea , taking 20 grams of chrysanthemum infusion , or eating two raw onions , all have weight loss effects .

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