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Matters needing attention before and after embedding weight loss

Embedding weight loss is a popular weight loss method nowadays. Because of its safety, effectiveness, and less pain, it does not affect normal work and life. It is highly respected and loved by many people who love beauty. Thread embedding in traditional Chinese medicine mainly aims to achieve effective weight loss through continuous stimulation of acupoints. But there are also some things that it needs to pay attention to. Next, the editor will introduce the matters that need to be paid attention to before and after embedding weight loss.

What are the precautions before embedding the thread?

Embedded weight loss is an improved acupuncture weight loss, individual differences in acupuncture weight loss are large, first of all, the patient should be diagnosed and dialectically treated in Chinese medicine, and the patient’s health assessment should be carried out, including personal physique, symptoms, performance, eating habits, physical condition, weight Index bmi, waist circumference and other factors, and then based on this comprehensive analysis to determine the corresponding treatment plan.

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1. If the patient has a history of halo acupuncture before embedding, he should tell the doctor first, and choose to lie in the lying position;

2. Patients should not be nervous, sweating, tired or hungry before embedding.

Do you need to pay attention to exercise and diet after embedding the thread?

In the process of embedding weight loss, in principle, choose three meals a day “eat when hungry, eat less if you are hungry”. Adopting a balanced nutritional diet, gradually develop good eating habits, while increasing exercise, this is very important for maintaining the body after stopping embedding.

Cautions after embedding weight loss?

1. Please lie down for about 3 minutes after embedding the thread. If there is no discomfort, you can get up and leave;

2. After embedding the thread to lose weight, the embedding area should not touch the water on the first day, and you can take a normal shower on the second day;

3. Soybean size induration may appear within 1 to 3 days after embedding, which is normal and usually disappears in about 7-10 days;

4. From 1 to 7 days after embedding the thread, if there is soreness, this is the normal phenomenon of stimulating acupuncture points on the gut line of the sheep.

5. Low fever or minor allergies can heal after embedding;

6. The bruising at the embedding site will be absorbed by itself after a few days, and it can be accelerated by appropriate hot compress;

7. In the special case of embedding the acupuncture points, allergies will appear, which are manifested as induration of the irritated site for 1-2 weeks of embedding, accompanied by severe allergic reactions such as redness, swelling, pain, etc., and should be treated by a doctor in time;

8. One week after choosing embedding treatment, try to reduce high protein diet such as seafood to prevent allergic reaction after embedding.

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