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Masters move all-day face weight loss magic book

A lot of mm is not born in/of a big face plate , but sometimes because you drink too much water before going to bed at night , you will find that your face is twice as swollen as usual in the morning , and your eyelids are also swollen . Try this set of faces The swelling method can solve the problem of 5 minutes . I usually develop a good habit of self-maintenance , and I will have a good mood every day .

All-day thin face planned :

◆ Morning face cool

1 . Choose cool type cleansing products , apply face with cold water for about 1 minute after cleansing with warm water .

2 . After washing the face , use shrink water to tighten the skin , and then apply moisturizing cream .

3 . In particular , apply some eye tightening cream on the eyes and massage a little .

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◆ Noon relaxed facial muscles

1 . Use facial expressions to exercise facial muscles .

2 . Practise a few English words ” an e i o u ” every day to achieve the effect of modifying facial lines .

◆ Evening weight loss exercised

1 . Use the middle and ring fingers to push from the forehead to the temple .

2 . Use your middle finger and ring finger to lightly press the sides of the alar alternately and repeat several times . Then push from the jaw to the ears on both sides , and finally use the middle finger to spiral from the bottom of the upper cheek .

3 . Pinch the middle of the lower jaw with your thumb and index finger , and gently press the outline of the lower jaw to both side at the same time , repeating it several times .

4 . Use both hand to stroke the neck to the lower jaw alternately from bottom to top , without pulling the double chin .

The above steps are actually very easy and simple . There are only lazy women , no ugly women , hurry up , Let’s make a small face mm !

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