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Low-calorie weight loss recipes to easily drive away fat!

Low-calorie recipes have attracted more and more attention , because eating low-calorie diet recipes save you the pain of dieting and makes you lose weight unconsciously . At the same time , it is also a healthier and safer way to lose weight . From now on , you can eat and lose weight !

The principle of ” low calorie slimming ” :

Many women believe that the more calories they eat , the more calories they consume . In fact , this is a misunderstanding . The relationship between the amount of food and calories is not a simple proportional relationship . Some foods with small size and small portions have high calories . be quite amazing . ” Low calorie weight-loss ” are to choose more low-calorie foods in the daily diet , so that under the premise of fullness , but unconsciously reduce the intake of calories , so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss .

For example , a medium-sized apple contains about 70 kilocalories , and a small chocolate also contains 70 kilocalories . Although the calories are the same , the satiety produced is quite different . Therefore , the calculation of calories can not only be based on the weight of the food , but also must be calculated from the overall food intake . Eating correctly is undoubtedly the first step in successful weight loss . Summer low-calorie foods burn fat quickly and easily lose weight .

Recommended low-calorie recipes :

Tuna and potato salad

Materials : 60 grams of tuna in spring water , 200 grams of potatoes , 50 grams of onions , and a little salt .

Practice :

1 . Remove the water from the tuna in the spring water and chop the onion .

2 . After the potatoes are steamed and peeled , use a spoon to make a mud .

3 . Put all the ingredients together , add a little salt , and mix well .

Ingredient analysis :

1 . Most of the fatty acids in tuna meat are unsaturated fatty acids , high protein , low calorie , low fat . It is the preferred diet recipe for women for one week to lose weight and moisturize . And it is rich in DHA , often eaten , is conducive to the regeneration of brain cells and improve memory .

2 . Potatoes contains a lot of dietary fiber , which can widen the bowel , help the body excrete metabolic toxins in time , prevent constipation , and prevent the occurrence of intestinal diseases ; potatoes contain a lot of starch and protein , B vitamins , vitamin C , etc , can promote the spleen and stomach Digestive function .

Fried mushrooms with colorful vegetables

Materials : lettuce , bell pepper , tenderloin , shiitake mushroom , green onion , ginger , garlic .

Practice :

1 . Lettuce , bell pepper , tenderloin slices , shiitake mushroom slices over water .

2 . Heat the oil in a hot pot , stir to fry the sliced ”onion , ginger , garlic and pork .

3 . Add vegetables and stir to fry .

4 . Lettuce and bell peppers become soft and seasoned with salt .

Ingredient analysis :

1 . Lettuce can improve the digestive system and liver functions . At the same time , it contains a lot of plant cellulose , which can promote the peristalsis of the intestinal wall , facilitate the digestive tract , help excretion of stool , and can be used to treat various constipation . It is suitable for people that are obese and constipated .

2 . Bell peppers are rich in vitamin C , and also contain capsaicin and capsicum pigments , which can increase appetite , promote fat metabolism , prevent body fat accumulation , and achieve weight loss .

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