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Look at the horrible consequences of blind liposuction to lose weight

In recent years , there has been a wave of ” liposuction and weight loss ” in China , many people are eager to try , among them there are young girls with good figure , and even ” little fat ” has been brought to the hospital by parents for surgery . Can liposuction really lose weight ? Only by scientifically understanding liposuction can you reach a correct conclusion .

1 . Liposuction has no weight loss effect

People who want to liposuction should have the concept that liposuction can only eliminate fat in certain parts of the body , with the main goal of improving the body curve , and considering the health of the body and the safety of the surgery , it is not suitable for weight loss the goal of . As for those who are overly obese , they should ask physicians and nutrition experts to find the right way to lose weight , that is , to achieve weight loss without harming their health by relying on a balanced diet and appropriate exercise . For some areas that can’t be eliminated , plus the help of liposuction surgery , to achieve a perfect body .

2 . The harm caused by liposuction and obesity

A new study in the United States found that liposuction can only help people lose weight , and has no preventive or improvement effect on health problems caused by obesity such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes . Liposuction can only remove fat under the skin of obese people , and these are the fats that pose the least threat to health . Animal experiments show that the accumulation of fat in the internal organs is the culprit of high blood fat . These deep fat accumulations reduce the body’s sensitivity to insulin and increase people’s risk of diabetes . They may also secrete substances that can cause inflammation , which in turn can cause cardiovascular disease . These substances will also enter the liver directly , so that the liver can control the blood sugar and cholesterol in the body . Liposuction is at most a plastic surgery , and it does not promote health .

3 . Liposuction is easy to destroy the subcutaneous tissue

The way of liposuction is to cut a small hole in the operation site , extend the liposuction tube into the fat layer , and then use the negative pressure in the liposuction machine to suck out the fat . Traditional liposuction surgery uses high negative pressure liposuction . After sucking the subcutaneous fat into the liposuction tube , the liposuction tube is used to scrape the fat back and forth and then draw it out . In addition to destroying the fat cells , it is also easy to destroy other subcutaneous tissues . Bleeding is prone to bruising .

Sometimes I am afraid that the patient will lose too much blood and can’t pump too much fat , and I feel more pain after the operation . And because the diameter of the liposuction tube is relatively thick , the location of liposuction is limited , and the pumped location is also prone to unevenness .

4 . Complications to liposuction are difficult to avoid

Although the chance of complications to liposuction surgery is very small , it is still difficult to avoid . If carelessness and improper medical treatment occur , complications will occur . Once a complication occurs , it is difficult to treat and sometimes results with an uneven belly . According to statistics , in the past 5 years , about one in every 5,000 people who underwent liposuction by a qualified aesthetic surgeon died of surgical complications . In recent years , there have been reports on some complications and even deaths due to improper liposuction in China .

5 . Not everyone is suitable for liposuction

liposuction is mainly suitable for those who are locally obese , such as women , especially postpartum lower abdominal fat accumulation , local hypertrophy of calves and thighs , and fat accumulation in arms , etc , but not suitable for minors and the elderly . Children’s physical development is not perfect , and the amount of body fat is not constant . If liposuction blindly , not only can cause fat rebounds , but also destroy the child’s growth cycle and endanger health . Secondary obesity secondary to other diseases must be treated for the primary disease and is not within the scope of liposuction . Severe systemic obesity , hypertension , coronary heart disease , abnormal renal function , hyperlipidemia , hyperglycemia , pulmonary insufficiency , and abnormal blood coagulation are among those who are contraindicated in surgery .

Therefore , when doing liposuction , you must give full consideration and seek the advice of a professional doctor . If the figure is not bad , you don’t have to go for fun .

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