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Liu Yifei’s secret recipe for weight loss

Liu Yifei was born in Wuhan. His father is a university professor and his mother is a dancer. In 1995, Liu Yifei, who was only 8 years old, won the championship in the 2nd “Children’s Cup” Children’s Wear Model Grand Prix of Zhongnan Shangdu. At the age of 10, Liu Yifei suffered a family failure. In order to give her a better education, her mother dropped her from elementary school and went to the United States to study. Returning to Beijing in 2002, producer Jianming You saw the real estate advertisement whose image endorses while drinking tea, and immediately decided to play the role of female No. 2 Bai Xiuzhu in The Golden Powder Family. Afterwards, Liu Yifei was also fancy by director Zhang Jizhong, starring in Wang Yuyan and Xiaolongnv. In 2007, Liu Yifei, who was just 20 years old, starred in his first Hollywood blockbuster “Kung Fu King”, which was on the stage with Jackie Chan and Jet Li, thus opening the door to Hollywood.

Liu Yifei is born with a beautiful embryo, with hair and waist, skin as smooth as jade, and a pair of breathtaking phoenix eyes, as if they are astonishing. Her slim and graceful figure envied every woman. How does she maintain her perfect body shape? Now, let’s reveal her secret recipe for everyone!

25 Slimming Fast Ways:

A. Healthy breakfast

According to Liu Yifei herself, her “charm” figure stems from her insistence on eating breakfast: breakfast is often very rich, for example, there will often be an egg, a glass of milk plus ham and salad dressing. Eating breakfast is like filling the cylinder with fuel. So eating breakfast is like starting the engine, replenishing your body with enough energy, and also accelerating the metabolism, allowing the body to consume more energy.

B. Higher nutritional value

In addition to eating good breakfast and supplementing energy, ensure the nutritional value of food. If the intake of low-nutrition food cannot guarantee the body’s need for nutrients, it will inevitably hurt your body. “Junk foods” are those foods lacking in nutrients and rich in fats and sugars. People who regularly eat “junk” food may feel this way: Although the body has received enough energy, it still wants to eat very much, because your body is still craving nutrient supply, not energy supply.

C. Eat more fruit and drink more soup

“I have very low requirements for eating, as long as I have enough to eat. I never pick food, and I catch what I eat when I work.” And mom’s food is always her favorite.

She especially emphasized that she should eat more fruits and drink more soup. Women make water, so replenishing water is always an inevitable homework for women. “As long as it’s soup, I like to drink it, including instant noodle soup.” As for the nourishing soup names that I have ever drank, Liu Yifei didn’t pay special attention to it, so there is really no way to share it with readers. She thinks all soups are good for people. of.

Because of her busy work, she couldn’t have the opportunity to learn to cook some beautiful soup in person.

D. Professional slimming products

She said that she must not be free to believe in the slimming products on the market. She chooses a good reputation and is not a chemical substance, because the chemical substances usually contain hormones, which have been used until now. Professional slimming products xxx slimming effect It’s really good. The most important thing is that there are no side effects. I trust it.

Therefore, it is necessary to analyze your own diet, diet and slimming maintenance. To make the body work effectively and efficiently, it needs to provide complex and balanced nutrition. Many popular dieting methods now only allow you to eat a limited number of foods. This leads to the problems mentioned above. If you do not want to feel hungry during dieting, make sure that every food is truly nutritious. And there is no guarantee that every slimming product is effective and without side effects. You must choose a reliable, natural and professional slimming product in order to maintain a good figure all the time. E. A little more fresh food

A little more fresh food

Eating more fresh food is more beneficial to the body than preserved food. The amount of various nutrients contained in fresh food is optimal. A healthy diet depends on a reasonable balance of vitamins, minerals, cellulose, fat, protein, water, and carbohydrates. Certain nutrients required by the human body can only be found in fresh food. When the food is processed or stored, the nutrients in it will gradually decrease and become lost. Heating and other processing procedures will destroy vitamins, and the taste and color of food will also change greatly.

“Slimming Recipe” revealed by Liu Yifei for the majority of netizens

◎ NO.1——omnipotent diet therapy

omnivorous diet

Breakfast: a boiled egg, a glass of milk, half an apple or some potatoes + ham + salad dressing

Chinese food: bowl of rice + dishes

Dinner: eat at 7 o’clock, similar to Chinese food, but only seven to eight full, and you can not eat anything after 9 o’clock, except for fruit, you can drink a glass of juice before bed (you can squeeze lemon) Original juice + water + two plums, remember not to add sugar)

◎ NO.2—— Yogurt slimming diet therapy

Yogurt slimming diet therapy

After getting up: two glasses of water

Breakfast: 200cc vegetable juice, Chinese food: 500g yogurt,   Dinner: 200cc vegetable juice, before bed: 1-2 glasses of water

It can also be this order

(1) Breakfast: 200cc of vegetable juice Lunch: normal meal   Dinner: 500g yogurt

(2) Breakfast: Vegetable juice 200cc Lunch: Yogurt 500g   Dinner: Appropriate amount

◎ NO.3——Apple diet diet

Apple diet diet

Breakfast: a bottle of milk (or unsweetened coffee) + a boiled egg (or tea egg)

Apple meal: Starting at 12:00 noon, eat one apple every 2 hours until 8:00 in the evening, a total of five, no more food after eating.

Cooperate with other body slimming methods

Cooperate with other body slimming methods

“Actually, in the years when I lived in the United States, I began to try the bath weight-loss method. I think it may be that this weight-loss method keeps me in perfect shape all the time.” Liu Yifei doesn’t seem to hide his secrets for readers. Tell the truth.

Bathing method in cold and hot water

Foot bath is a bathing method in which the parts below the knee are immersed in cold and hot water.

Foot bath can promote blood circulation, especially suitable for those with lower body obesity or those with cold hands and feet.

Hot and cold weight loss

Put hot water in one basin and cool water in one basin

1. Put about 40℃ water in one basin and cold water in the other basin.

2. Sit in a chair and immerse the legs below the knees in hot water for 5 minutes, then immerse in cold water for another minute. Do this 2-3 times repeatedly.

3. Finally, end with cold water.

Sit bath is a method of bathing with warm water in a large basin to warm the lower body. Warming the abdomen can promote blood circulation, which can eliminate constipation and reduce cystitis or menstrual pain. In addition, it also helps to slim down the buttocks.

Sit bath helps slim down the buttocks

1. Put warm water of about 30℃ in the big pot.

2. Sit in a large basin and soak it in the area below the navel for about 15 minutes.

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