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Liposuction weight loss methods and principles one by one

The wishes made during the New Year are still clearly in my ears : ” I must be a slim beauty ! ” . However , after the New Year , not only did not loses weight , but also increased some ” festival fat .” . Dieting is too painful , fitness is difficult to persevere , and the quick results seem to be only ” moving the knife and gun ” . Surgery liposuction to lose weight , can you gives me a ” lean ” 2008 ?

What is going on with liposuction to lose weight ?

The body’s obesity degree is determined by the number and volume of fat cells . The number of fat cells in the human body will remain constant in adulthood , and obesity is caused by the increase in the volume of fat cells . Ordinary weight loss methods only reduce the volume of fat cells , . So it is easy to rebound . Fat loss is to suck out fat cells and reduce the number of cells . A large number of fat cells are reduced , the body’s ability to store fat is greatly reduced , and the remaining fat cells increase in volume , and local obesity will also be very limited , so the chance of recurrence is very small .

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Liposuction is a kind of cosmetic surgery method that uses the principle of negative pressure suction to suck the fat tissue accumulated under the skin through a small incision in the skin . It is a popular shape sculpture technique at home and abroad .

Which liposuction I can choose to lose weight ?

The current liposuction and weight loss methods of the beauty market include swelling liposuction , ultrasonic liposuction and electronic liposuction etc .

The principle of dilatation liposuction is to inject dilatation fluid into the liposuction sites through a local small incision (3 to 5 mm ) to loosen the fat cells , and then attract the fat through negative pressure . It has less tissue trauma , less bleeding , and faster recovery , and does not require hospitalization after surgery . Expansion liposuction has a large amount of liposuction , the effect received after the operation is more obvious , and the safety is also more guaranteed .

Ultrasound liposuction is to generate ultrasonic waves of a certain frequency of an ultrasonic generator , and use the ” cavity effect ” generated by ultrasonic vibration to crush fat cells or fat particles at the weight loss site and then excrete the body to achieve the effect of weight loss . The advantage of this operation is that it has less blood loss , only destroys fat , and does not damage connective tissue blood vessels , but the operation time will more than double .

The principle of electronic liposuction is to insert two electrodes into the subcutaneous fat through a skin incision of about 2 mms . The high-frequency electric field of a certain wavelength is generated by the electric field to destroy the cellulite and destroy the fat cells and discharge them from the body .

Dr. Chen reminds everyone that liposuction surgery has very high requirements for doctors , and the key to the surgical effect depends on the part and depth of the needle under the doctor . Although the methods of liposuction are diverse , the core technology is negative pressure . Other methods such as ultrasound and electronics are only useful supplements for surgery . For example , the expansion suction method is to insert physiological saline and a hemostatic needle to the site to be operated before suction to reduce the amount of blood lost by suction and improve the quality of suction . People who are going to perform liposuction surgery still have to do enough preparations to understand the situation of hospitals and doctors . It is best to choose a hospital with medical care and technical guarantee for liposuction surgery .

Which parts from the body can be thin ?

The most common parts of liposuction are : waist and abdomen , buttocks , thighs , upper arms and forearms , mandibles , calves and other parts .

Is it suitable for liposuction to lose weight ?

* Patients with medical diseases such as hypertension , coronary heart disease , diabetes , coagulopathy , and local skin infections are not suitable for liposuction surgery .

* Patients with acute and chronic infectious diseases or severe organic diseases are not suitable for liposuction surgery .

* People with horizontal surgical scars on the upper and lower abdomen or multiple scars on the umbilicus are not suitable for liposuction .

* Because of systemic endocrine disorders , diffuse obesity around the body , it is not appropriate to do simple liposuction , but should be systematically checked and treated by internal medicine .

* There is no obvious age limit for surgery , but since the fat cells of a person usually stop growing after puberty , the most common liposuction age is 18 to 55 years old .

* People who are mentally abnormal or have poor mental state and who have unreasonable requirements for surgical results should not do liposuction .

What should I do before liposuction ?

First of all , we must consult carefully with the cosmetic surgeon to understand the basic procedure of the operation , possible problems and related countermeasures . Before the operation , the doctor will ask you to do the necessary laboratory tests , such as hemoglobin , urine routine , electrocardiogram , liver function , etc , and also assess the amount of fat . Dr. Chen reminds everyone that liposuction surgery will bring some inconvenience to your life , . So you should try to choose an appropriate operation time to avoid busy days , usually 4 to 7 days to resume work .

2 weeks before the operation , smoking alcohol should be banned , and some drugs and hormones with blood circulation and blood stasis prevention and blood clotting function should also be stopped .

What is the whole procedure of the operation ?

The operation time varies depending on the site of liposuction . Generally speaking , the liposuction of the lower jaw can be completed in about half an hour , while the abdominal liposuction takes about 2 hours .

Dr. Chen said that the current hospital services are more user-friendly , allowing patients to choose whether to perform local or general anesthesia during surgery .

What should I pay attention to after liposuction ?

The characteristic of swelling liposuction is that a large amount of swelling fluid needs to be injected into the operation , so there may be residual fat and swelling fluid from the wound to the outside within 1 to 2 days after the surgery , . So it is best to stay in the hospital for observation on the first day after surgery .

☆ There will be pain during activities within 1 to 4 days after the operation . This is normal , but generally does not affect life self-care . Within 7 to 10 days after the liposuction operation , the liposuction site will be somewhat swollen and stasis , which will gradually to improve on the future . After the operation , the skin may appear blisters and mild pigmentation , which will gradually to disappear after 1 to 2 months .

☆ After the fat is sucked out , there will be a period of edema in the local area , which will slowly subside in about 3 to 6 weeks . Generally , patients after receiving liposuction should wear corsets or high-strength body-building pants for 3 months to half a year to promote skin retraction and shaping . It is also possible to limit swelling in this way and shorten the recovery period .

After receiving liposuction surgery , basically no more rebounds. If it is a little weight gain , it will not be as obese as it was .

☆ There is no special taboo in diet after liposuction surgery , but it is best not to eat spicy food within a week after surgery . Smoking and drinking may have an impact on postoperative recovery , so try to avoid it . Also pay attention to avoid letting the wound contact with water , you can take a bath after removing the thread for a week .

☆ Generally speaking , patients should go to the hospital to check the recovery of the body 1 month , 3 months , half a year and 1 year after surgery .

How much does need to prepare ?

Currently , the prices of liposuction hospitals are different . The pricing in Beijing is about 2000~3000 yuan per site . For example , abdominal liposuction surgery will be divided into 2~3 sites .

Finally , Dr. Chen reminded readers of ” Healthy Home ” that with the improvement of medical and health equipment and medical environment , seasonal factors have less and less influence on surgery , but doctors usually recommend that patients choose the autumn or winter with lower temperatures Surgery is performed in the spring season , because the temperature is lower in this season , there is less sweating , the tight elastic belt is not too hot , and the pollution rate of postoperative surgical wounds is relatively low compared to summer .

Dr. reminds everyone who loves beauty , liposuction surgery is a surgical operation , there will be trauma and certain risks in the operation , so for your safety and body dream , it is best to choose a large hospital plastic surgery specialty that is guaranteed in all aspects get on .

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