Lose weight / Partial weight loss / Liposuction stovepipe gives you a super weight loss experience

Liposuction stovepipe gives you a super weight loss experience

Everyone has a perfect image of leg lines . If you want to have beautiful legs quickly , you might as well try liposuction stovepipe hand speed . Liposuction stovepipe surgery is not as scary as everyone thinks .

First of all , the editor will introduce to you what kind of people is suitable for liposuction stovepipe surgery :

1 . The liposuction site must be inspected in detail

Detailed physical examination before surgery , including height , weight , the proportion of the entire body curve , the thickness of fat in each part , and more importantly the firmness of the skin . Some people that have been treated with weight-loss drugs for a long time or intermittently have poor skin elasticity and firmness . The firmness of the skin has a great influence on the postoperative skin contraction .

2 . The BMI is less than 30 , the liposuction effect is good

If the BMI (weight [kg]/height [meter]×height [meter]) of the person undergoing liposuction is greater than 30 , It means that the fat ratio are too high , and the effect of liposuction is slightly slower . Within the safe amount of liposuction , you need Multiple liposuction operations can achieve the goal . Those with a BMI of less than 30 have better results for liposuction .

3 . Skin elasticity of patients undergoing liposuction

Because liposuction will partially suck the fat cells between the skin and muscle layers , changing the original anatomy . For liposuction to achieve good expected results , the skill of the plastic surgeon is the most important determinant . During liposuction , the amount of liposuction should be equally distributed among each part that needs liposuction .

The principle of liposuction stovepipe :

Liposuction stovepipe surgery is to suck excess fat cells from the legs out of the body . Because the fat cells in the human body are constant , the effect of stovepipe is more effective and thorough than exercises , diets , drugs and other weight-loss methods . This method can significantly reduce the number of fat cells without rebound . This method sucks out the subcutaneous fat in a circular and balanced manner , avoiding the unevenness of the subcutaneous tissue after the operation . From the demand point of view , liposuction stovepipe is a good method of stovepipe because it is easy to operate and the stovepipe speed is fast .

Advantages of liposuction stovepipe :

The total number of fat cells in the body is stable after adulthood . Weight loss methods such as exercise , diet adjustment , lifestyle changes , and drugs cannot reduce the number of fat cells , but can only reduce the volume of fat cells through liposuction . Can radically reduce the number of fat cells . Even if you do not pay much attention to exercise in the future , it will not rebound obesity in a short time . This is why it is not easy to relapse after liposuction and weight loss surgery .

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