Weight Loss / Partial weight loss / Liposuction of lower legs to improve leg lines

Liposuction of lower legs to improve leg lines

The calf is a part that is not easy to satisfy people , most of them are muscle hyperplasia , not the result of fat deposition . The technique of liposuction can improve the lines of the legs . Before the liposuction of the calf , you should meet your need , fully communicate with the doctor , choose the most suitable surgery , and get the best results . The results cannot be pursued blindly without cost .

Calf liposuction surgery therapy :

thought of China’s first man-made beauty who moved her feet carefully in an interview after calf liposuction . It is said that it needs sufficient recovery time and the ability to endure pain after surgery , but now liposuction has been commonly used in plastic surgery On the way , the beautiful women that partially lose weight are watching , eager to move .

Method :

Using a device similar to a uterine scrapping spoon , extend for / to / over the subcutaneous fat layer through a small incision in the skin , scrape the fat and then use the suction of negative pressure , and suck out the fat fragments of the catheter to achieve the purpose of weight loss . This method is only suitable for the bulge of a certain part caused by simple obesity , and the skin elasticity is better , and the local skin has good elasticity of retraction after the fat is pumped . Discussion : Liposuction to lose weight

Effect :

This method can only suck out the subcutaneous fat , and is limited to a certain part of the subcutaneous fat , . So it has little effect on the weight loss of the whole body , but it has a significant effect on improving the shape of a certain part .

According to the plastic surgeon , it should be no problem for the average person to extract 3 to 6 pounds of fat . Causes blood vessel blockage and death .

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