Lose weight / Easy weight loss / Liposuction is very expensive to lose weight ? Let’s calculate the cost of your weight loss !

Liposuction is very expensive to lose weight ? Let’s calculate the cost of your weight loss !

Using dieting to lose weight is to lose weight by dieting or diet control . Ninety percent will get fat again . The harder the process of controlling the diet , the greater the possibility of dieting back after a period of obesity . The only effective way is to change your eating habits of a long time , and people who will gain weight every time have to control their diet carefully throughout their lives .

This is a big project for a lifetime . It is difficult for most people to stick to it . It will mainly cause some harm to the body , lack of calorie intake , greatly increased appetite , slow metabolism and so on .

Body tortured

Exercise to lose weight : The average person must continue 45 minutes of intensive exercise before they begin to produce weight loss effects . It is estimated that a woman can lose 1 kg of fat after walking 96 hours and 37 minutes at a speed of 5 kilometers per hour . what is more , after strenuous exercise , the appetite is often wide , and more food is eaten inadvertently . Moreover , girls are not recommended to exercising too often , because it is easy to grow muscles , from one extreme to the other extreme .

Take dieted pills

Weighted loss pills have side effects . It doesn’t help any matter how the seller pulls it naturally . Most weight loss pills , plainly speaking , are to achieve weight loss by acting on the nerve center and suppressing appetite . For example , sibutramine , which has an anti-feeding effect , has been ordered by the Food and Drug Administration to stop sales due to the fact that it will cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases . However , in fact , there are still illegal businesses using sibutramine for profit .

There are also massages to lose weight , acupuncture to lose weight is easy to rebound , fat-dissolving needles may cause a burden on the kidneys , these weight loss methods are not necessarily good for the body .

Time cost

Most of the above weight loss methods require you to spend a lot of time to get minimal effect , occupying most of your life , study , work , or leisure time , free up these times to do more meaningful things , learn more , Why not make more money !

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Money cost

Slimming mechanism is mainly based on cold bandages , instruments , and massage to lose weight . Among them , cold bandages are charged 500 yuan / times , and a treatment course is generally 10-20 times , so the cost of light cold bandages is over 10,000 . No minimum 15,000 waiters will let you go .

Weight loss pills are dependent . If you want to really reduce meat , you need to continue to eat . Once you stop weight , it will rebound immediately . To lose ten pounds of meat , it will cost at least 3-4 thousand . So the weight loss cost of diet pills is 3,000 yuan / 10 kg = 300 yuan / kgs (not including the cost of treatment due to side effects or even sudden death , which is really impossible to calculate ) .

Liposuction to lose weight

Liposuction for weight loss is the most expensive of all options at first glance , but for many friends who really want to lose weight , it is actually the most preferred in many aspects . The cost of money seems to be very high . Compared with the side effects , it eliminates mental torture , physical torture , time cost , and money cost , and the effect can be seen in one operation , and there is no risk of rebound .

The number of fat cells in adults is constant , and the principle of liposuction is to reduce the number of fat cells , so theoretically there is no risk of rebound from liposuction .

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