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Liposuction in winter to lose weight and build an exquisite figure!

Winter is the best season for liposuction and weight loss , because the temperature is lower in this season , and there is less sweating , and the pollution of surgical wounds after surgery is less than in summer , so the factors of operation failure caused by infection are also reduced . Today I will introduce you to two safes and effective liposuction methods to lose weight . Let’s take a look .

1 . Resonance liposuction to lose weight

Resonance liposuction for weight loss uses the principle of resonance to generate resonance waves of the same natural frequency as fat cells . This resonance wave selectively breaks fat cells and makes them liquid , but do not resonate with skin , blood vessels and nerve tissues , so Do not damage these tissues . Compared with other liposuction procedures , resonance liposuction can effectively protect nerves and blood vessels while using negative pressure to suck out the liquefied fat cells under the skin to improve body shape .

It is more suitable for autologous fat transplantation surgery while liposuction ; with the aid of new anesthesia technology and high-tech means , the head can generate mechanical waves in the subcutaneous fat and resonate with the fat tissue . While dissolving fat , it sucks the deeply decomposed fat cells out of the body , which greatly shortens the operation time and significantly enhances the liposuction volume , and the effect is better than traditional liposuction .

Indications :

People who are obese or overweight due to local fat accumulation are common in abdominal liposuction , waist liposuction , back liposuction , hip liposuction , upper extremity liposuction , lower extremity liposuction , face liposuction , etc .

2 . Hydrodynamic liposuction to lose weight

Hydrodynamic liposuction to lose weight , using hydrodynamic liposuction (WAL ) technology to break with fat and recycle simultaneously , make weight loss faster and have the obvious advantages of rapid treatment , obvious effect and greatly reduced risk . Because the hydrodynamic liposuction weight loss is achieved by reducing the absolute number of fats , limiting the growth of fat cells , and reorganizing fat cells to lose weight , it is not only safe and reliable , but also effective against inhibiting rebound .

The principle of liposuction to lose weight is different from other weight loss methods . It can reduce the absolute number of body fat , and the absolute number of body fat will not increase , so that the effect of losing weight without rebound is achieved .

Human obesity and weight loss are determined by the size of fat cells and the number of fat cells . The number of adipocytes basically remains the same after adulthood . Hydrodynamic weight loss reduces the number of fat cells , and the fat cells excreted from the body have no regeneration and replication functions , which can ensure the effect of weight loss without rebound . There will be no unevenness . Because this instrument slide back and forth on your skin surface , the resistance is very small , and this instrument will stimulate the human skin , causing the skin to produce a contraction , just like the size of a pregnant belly . , But the same can be restored , the skin will be very smooth .

Indications :

It is the advantage of the hydrodynamic liposuction to lose weight for the part to lose weight .

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