Weight Loss / Easy weight loss / Liposuction, breast enhancement, buttocks, devil figure out

Liposuction, breast enhancement, buttocks, devil figure out

If you want to lose weight very quickly , perhaps the most effective method is medical weight loss . do plastic surgery work ? Want to understand the effect of plastic surgery ? , Let’s find out if plastic surgery is effective . Let’s take a look at the liposuction , breast enhancement and hip lifting techniques below .

1 : Liposuction , return your slim posture

For women who love beauty and eat in Chengdu , the slimming technique of modern medicine is really a great gospel . Because women’s obesity tends to gather around the waist and abdomen , it is ok to lose these fats by liposuction and other means , you can still dance lightly !

liposuction is an operation to improve local obesity . Some fats that are difficult to break with, such as fat in the abdomen or buttocks , can be eliminated by liposuction , and finally achieve the effect of improving body shape . But you need to understand that liposuction cannot replace a balanced diet and moderate exercise . Therefore , if you love beauty , you have to participate in physical exercise .

Autumn and winter are suitable for the cool and refreshing temperature , which is the season that is the most conducive to the recovery of surgical wounds throughout the year , . So it is most appropriate to choose liposuction plastic surgery that requires a knife at this time . As we all know , a pleasant climate can also reduce the discomfort during the postoperative recovery period . Pinch your fingers and count . After completing the operation in the fall , half a year later , you can show off your figure !

2 : Breast enlargement technique , showing female curves

In pursuit of body perfection , many women with poor breast curves actively requested to perform breast augmentation , hoping to make up for their physical defects , get a nice body and build self-confidence .

Busty and firm breasts have always been one of the most secret wishes of many women . For women , the choice to implement breast augmentation is to show their curvy body . There are many kinds of plastic breast augmentation surgery , self body supplement and prosthesis implantation are undoubtedly the best two kinds of surgery .

For women with congenital underdevelopment , it is more appropriate to use prosthesis implantation . Because the congenital defects are related to genetic factors , it means that their own body is not suitable for breast growth , and the prosthesis can just make up for the defects of the breast and promote the change of the shape of the breast .

3 : Hip lifting technique to create a pretty buttock woman

Women’s waist swaying , slender legs , graceful posture , all come out of the curve and shape of the buttocks . And the buttocks are the sexy area after the breasts . Flat buttocks are not what women expect .

With the change of life concept , people pay full attention to the shape of exposed parts such as face , neck , etc , and begin to notice the whole body curve . And the fullness of the buttocks has an important position in the female charm index .

Targets those hips with dysplasia of muscles and fat , and flattened buttocks ; or the size of the entire buttocks is acceptable , but the fullness is not enough , or lack of hip peaks . One is to use a prosthesis , through the hip groove incision , under local anesthesia , peel the skin and subcutaneous fat of the hip , and insert the prosthesis for filling . The second is to use autologous waist and abdomen or thighs to transplant excess fat tissue for filling .

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