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Liposuction and weight loss surgery, why Shen Dianxia did not expect

Some time ago , Hong Kong artist Shen Dianxia died of illness . Experts point out that middle-aged obese women over 40 years old is a high incidence of gallstones . Opening Shen Dianxia’s medical record again , many diseases are inseparable from her obesity . For example , she has severe diabetes , complications in her feet , and she can’t even wear high heels .

One day , a friend asked : ” Shen Dianxia is so fat . If she tries to lose weight , maybe she won’t be so fat because of obesity . I heard that the liposuction effect is good . If you suck a few more times , you will not lose it . Yet ? ” .

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This sounds reasonable , but if it can be realized , why did Shen Dianxia never thought of it ?

Longed Xiaomei (Director of Plastic Surgery Center , Plastic Surgery Center , ” Family Doctor ” , Sun Yat-sen University ) told the author that liposuction surgery is mainly aimed at people with local obesity , to eliminate local body fat and improve body de-curve as the main goals , such as abdomen and arms , Thighs , buttocks and other parts with more fat accumulation , by controlling diet or drugs to lose weight , the effect may not be ideal . For this type of local obesity , liposuction is the ultimate solution . In order to take into account the safety of the body and the operation , liposuction is not suitable as the main method of weight loss for general obese people that aim to lose weight . They can only use diet , exercise and other methods that can not be eliminated , supplemented by suction Fat surgery .

Shen Dianxia is too dangerous if she simply depends on liposuction . Director Long told the author : ” If the amount of liposuction is too large , it will cause excessive blood loss in the body , which has an impact on the body . Moreover , like Shen Dianxia , ”so much subcutaneous fat absorption at a time will cause the skin to be very slack . When you have to remove the excess skin , you will leave a long scar on the body . More importantly , it is not meaningful to simply absorb the subcutaneous fat . The fat accumulated in the internal organs is responsible for its high blood fat , gallstones , and diabetes . be the key .”

It seems that our good intentions are not possible . However , when the author typed ” star liposuction ” on the Internet to search , it was found that there were many stars that had received liposuction . Liposuction has become one of the plastic surgery popular among many women .

Some people may worry about the safety of the operation . For this problem , Xiao Tianyou (Chief Physician , Plastic Surgery Center , Plastic Surgery Center , ” Family Doctor ” , Sun Yat-sen University ) explained : ” About the end of the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s , foreign scholars Invented the swelling method of liposuction . The swelling fluid is injected into the fat layer to make the fat cells expand . After the fat swells , the chance of damage to the blood vessels is very small . At this time , use a blunt-ended liposuction tube to extend for the fat layer and use The negative pressure in the liposuction machine sucks out the fat . At the same time , the doctor uses drugs that constrict the blood vessels , so that the entire operation process has a small amount of bleeding . In a single operation to suck out 2000~3000 ml of fat , the amount of bleeding is only 20~30 ml . No damage to the body .”

” Someone sucked more than 10,000 mls of fat to the subject at one time , ” Long Xiaomei added , ” But for safety , the amount of liposuction we give to the subject at a time will not be too large , generally no more than 5000 ml . How much to suck at a time depends on the thickness of the fat on the part of the subject . The thicker the fat , the better the liposuction effect .”

Many people are worried about the rebound problem after liposuction . What do experts think about this problem ?

Director Long said : ” The principle of liposuction surgery is to reduce the number of fat cells . It is difficult to do so without rebounding . But even if the fat volume will increase , its increase rate will be higher than that of other non- liposuction parts . It is also much smaller . The reason why some people rebound after surgery may be due to insufficient local liposuction , or they have not maintained a regular diet and exercise after liposuction , and the volume of the remaining fat cells continues to expand . So , After the operation , pay attention to diet and exercise . But for the fat in the abdominal cavity , liposuction cannot be removed . ”

Some subjects may worry that local lipolysis may result after liposuction.

Director Xiao explained: “As long as the subject is not particularly old, there is generally no obvious skin relaxation after liposuction. The human skin itself has a certain elasticity and will have a tightening effect; in addition, suction The tissue in the lipid area will also have a tightening effect after the surgical wound healing process.”

After liposuction, there is a special need to pay attention to the liposuction site must wear elastic clothing. “The purpose is to prevent excessive movement of the operation site, which is conducive to local blood vessel growth and tissue repair in liposuction.” Director Xiao Tianyou finally emphasized.

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