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Lin Zhiling loses weight, keeps her slim body by egg white

Taiwanese beauty Lin Chiling is a famous model born in Taipei, Taiwan. The host and actress have become the focus of Taiwanese society with a sweet and beautiful appearance, 175 cm height and beautiful body. The media is named “Taiwan’s first model” The title, and because of the major social changes caused by her popular journey, Taiwan scholars are also known as the “Lin Zhiling phenomenon.” With her 34C topline, Chiling quickly became the top model in Hong Kong and Taiwan. She once helped endorse products for eight large international companies; she once made 6 advertisements a year, and the price of a single advertisement was as high as seven digits Lin Zhiling. Once a month on a magazine cover, I was the first artist in Taiwan to issue an exclusive stamp. In 2009, Lin Zhiling was selected as the first artist to issue exclusive stamps by China World Record Association in Taiwan. It is now known as the “old model” at the age of 36.

A woman in her thirties can still be red and purple, and still on the catwalk, you have to admire Lin Chiling for her maintenance. Lin Zhiling himself revealed that her weapon for maintaining a graceful figure is egg white, and eating egg white often can maintain a beautiful figure.

The secret recipe for keeping slim

Lin Zhiling: I prefer the perspiration method to remove toxins and impurities from the body. This will not only improve the skin, but also control weight. Everyone knows that to maintain a good figure, you must drink plenty of water every day. I have to add a little more. Eating more egg white is also my secret. In addition, I think a healthy body is beautiful in itself, so I suggest that if you are capable, you should eat organic food.

How to maintain fair skin

Lin Zhiling: Sun protection is a must. It is not necessary to use a powerful sunscreen. For me, a lotion with SPF index is enough, but it will be used more than once a day, otherwise it may not be able to resist ultraviolet rays. When the sun is shining, you must go out with an umbrella. Even if you are in trouble, don’t put down the umbrella even if someone looks at you. It is best to have a professional sunscreen umbrella.

Hair care experience

Lin Zhiling: I make hair masks every day, which may not be possible for many people. But I don’t do it for a long time every time. Under normal circumstances, my hair mask will be washed off after about 3 minutes. This will not only protect and repair the hair, but also don’t spoil the hair too much. I feel very good.

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