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Li Xiang’s secret recipe for postpartum weight loss by 27 pounds

After giving birth , Li Xiang , who has been ashamed of seeing her because of her wide-body and fat body , made a high-profile appearance of the launching ceremony of the New Year’s Eve Party of Hunan Satellite TV on December 7th . After the successful weight loss , her style was not diminished , and she sang with Wang Han in hand , and the atmosphere of the whole ceremony was warmed up . According to observations , Li Xiang is indeed a lot thinner than when he appeared at the Hunan Satellite TV New Year’s Eve party last year . No wonder he did not forget to show off his weight loss results from his dressing up on that day-showing off his beautiful legs that are no longer stout .

Tip one : you need to find the right time to lose weight after delivery

Six months after childbirth is the golden period for new mothers to lose weight . During this period , the new mother’s metabolic rate is high , and lifestyle habits are not yet finalized , so the effect of weight loss will be better . But new mothers that have just given birth soon cannot blindly diet and lose weight .

Because the baby is just finished , the body has not fully recovered from the level before pregnancy , and some new mothers are also burdened with heavy feeding tasks . At this time , it is time to supplement nutrition . Compulsory dieting after childbirth will not only cause the new mother’s body to recover slowly , but may also cause various postpartum complications .

It is not advisable to take weight loss pills , because most weight loss pills mainly achieve the purpose of weight loss by increasing excretion , and weight loss pills will also affect the normal metabolism of the human body .

New mothers who are breastfeeding to take weight loss pills , most of the drugs will be discharged from the milk , so that the baby will also take a lot of drugs with you . Newborn babies have poor liver detoxification function , and large doses of drugs are likely to cause the baby’s liver function to decrease , causing abnormal liver function .

Some new mothers use artificial feeding instead of breastfeeding to make their breasts more and more slack and saggy , which may affect their beauty . This practice is not only not conducive to infant growth and development , but also not conducive to recovery and maintain their own body shape .

Because breastfeeding stimulates the nipple when the baby sucks , it can increase the mother’s prolactin secretion , promote the uterine contraction of the enlarged pregnancy , and make the bloated abdominal wall recover quickly . Prolactin prevents excessive sagging of the breast by acting on the glandular cortical cells of the breast and the breast suspensory ligament .

Breastfeeding can also accelerate the secretion of milk , promote the mother’s metabolism , consume the fat accumulated during pregnancy , reduce the storage of subcutaneous fat , and thus effectively prevents¬† obesity . When breastfeeding , let your child suck on both breasts alternately to keep the breasts on both sides the same size , plump and fit .

Secret two : eat like this after weight loss

Postpartum diets to mix plays a vital role in the smooth progress of weight loss . It is necessary to ensure adequate nutritional intake of babies and new mothers , but also to avoid limiting fat and sugar intake of the basis of excess nutrition . Preference for high-fat foods such as sweets , fried foods , animal oils , fatty meats , animal offal , etc , of course , is easy to cause postpartum weight gains , and new mothers who love beauty should eat less . The diet must be rich in protein , vitamins , and minerals , such as fish , lean meat , eggs , milk , fruits , and vegetables .

New mothers should eat vegetable oil as much as possible . The less oil , the better . Salad dressing and peanut butter with high fat are easy to gain weight . New mothers should eat less .

Milk is the main source of calcium intake . New mothers should consume appropriate amounts of dairy products , but should pay attention to use low-fat , non-fat milk as much as possible , instead of condensed milk or flavored milk .

Desserts and snacks are also not suitable for new mothers that want to lose weight , especially cakes and chocolates , which have particularly high calories and should be properly controlled . In addition , soft drinks and fruit juices are high-calorie beverages . Only a can of 275ml of cola has 150 calories , . So it is recommended that new mothers usually drink more boiled water .

It is best for new mothers to eat less and eat more meals every day . This will not increase the burden on the gastrointestinal tract , and the energy in the food can be quickly used by the body . Conversely , if it is eaten once , the blood will be concentrated on the digestive organs for a long time , making people drowsy , and the energy will be stored as fat when it is not used up for a while . When the next meal comes , due to excessive hunger , they will eat too much , thus forming a vicious circle .

New mothers should not satisfy their appetite to lose weight by eating fruits , because the sugar content of fruits is high , and the sugar content of some fruits can reach 20% . Therefore , the number of fruits eaten every day should also be limited .

The quantity should be controlled below 300g (after peeling and core removal ) , and the banana should not be more than 2 pieces . The time to eat fruit can not be ignored , this is very important to control excessive calorie intake .

It is best not to eat fruits after meals . The correct way is to eat fruits before meals . In this way , you won’t be too hungry when you have food in your belly when you have dinner . This makes it difficult to eat too much and helps control weight gain .

Secret three : Persist in sports and reshape beautiful body

1 . Standing position , legs spread out , hands flat , and then bent sideways , slowly raise the right arm straight up , left hand touches down on the outside of the left foot vertically , at this time the hands are vertically 180 degrees , You can obviously feel the obvious stretch feeling in the waist and armpit , soreness , stop for 12 seconds , change the other side , and do it 16 times repeatedly . Thin waists , fat underarm effect is very good .

2 . Standing , legs spread out , find an object of a height of about 15~20 on the ground , step on the right foot , or step on the wooden rubbish under the chair , slowly do squats 25 times And then change the other leg , the same 25 times . Targets thigh fat .

3 . Sit on the stool with your chest and abdomen , and then hold the dumbbell with both hands and lift it over the top of your head and straighten it . Then slowly drop to the back of the brain , as low as you can , and then slowly lift up , do it 30 times repeatedly , you can do according to your own tolerance . Targets fat on arms and back .

4 . Another action : put your feet in a standing position , lift your chest , high-five in front of you , then put your hands behind your back , high-five again . During to exercise , raise your hands as high as possible . Keep your chest upright when you clap your back . Repeat this 20 time . Aim at the arm , and prevent the occurrence of peri arthritis of shoulder , relieve shoulder pain .

5 . Lie on the bed and do cycling equipment . The injection speed should not be too fast or too slow . When one leg is bent , the other leg should be straightened as much as possible . When doing it repeatedly , your feet do not touch the bed surface . The tolerance capacity is best done no less than 50 times . Aim at the abdomen and thighs .

6 . Lie flat on the ground , or on a bed that is not too soft , put your hands on your chest , knees at a 45-degree angle , and lift your feet . The heel fell , hit the mat , and then returned to the 45-degree angle . Repeat 25 times . Once the waist is arched , the feet will reach a 45-degree angle , and the body will continue to press down , so that the back will stick to the coin until it finally touches the ground . It works better on the abdomen and thighs .

7 . Standing , holding the wall of your right hand or other supportable objects , the left leg is raised up backwards , as much as you can , and holding the instep with your left hand to help lift up , chest up , head up , right leg Stand upright , not bendable , stop for 9 seconds , and switch to the other side in the same way . Repeat 10 times .

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