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Weight Loss / Easy weight loss / Let you lose weight fast, 7 sports coup

Let you lose weight fast, 7 sports coup

1 . Warm up well before exercise

Before the exercise , the warm-up process cannot be ignored , and must be done adequately . Doing a warm-up before exercise can maximize the enthusiasm for the body , and also mobilize the fat accumulated in the body so that it can be fully burned during the subsequent exercise . Before any exercise , warm-up preparations are required , including yoga , Pilates , which we think are relatively soothing fitness programs .

2 . Resistance exercises

Walking in the water while swimming increases the resistance of the body . This method sound very easy to do , but after trying it , you will find that the hard work to complete this exercise is far more than the usual fitness methods , because the resistance of the human body in water is many times that in the air , But this allows the body to consume more calories .

3 . Master the strong and weak rhythm

If you master the strong and weak rhythm in 30 to 45 minutes of aerobic exercise , then your calorie consumption can be doubled . That is to add a gentle recovery time interval in high-intensity exercises . The adjustment of exercise frequency varies from the person to people, nor does it mean that anyone has to exercise until the heart beats violently , a lot of sweating , and breathlessness , in order to win a good exercise effect .

4 . Balance body movement

When you exercise , you should pay attention to the balance of upper body and lower body of calorie consumption . So if you don’t want to spend more time for fitness exercises , 45 minutes of exercise time is the most suitable . Choose the items that can be exercised to the whole body , such as swimming , dancing , and body aerobics .

5 . Split multiple stages

If you continue to do high-intensity exercise , you will soon be exhausted , but intermittent rest and recovery can help you maintain this high-intensity level . Therefore , exercise as much as possible in sections , the weight loss effect will be better .

6 . Attention

When you exercise , you should concentrate . If you exercise a certain part of the body’s muscles , then the whole body’s attention and feeling should also focus on this part , and the exercise effect will be better .

7 . The action is accurate

can’t be treated sloppily with the course of exercise . Complete each step carefully and strictly , and you can achieve the maximum exercise effect of a limited time . Although the exercise range required by the coach should be within his capacity , it is best to do his best to ensure that each movement can achieve the best effect it should achieve .

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