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Let weight loss begin in spring

Spring is a season when everything becomes beautiful . The women stood in front of the mirror , looking at their body wrapped in a winter , thinking about the colorful spring clothes in the shop window , clenching their teeth , and facing the eternal topic again : weight loss , weight loss , weight loss !

If you are fed up with the dietary test of stomach and perseverance , and you no longer want to lose weight to torture yourself , then you should choose a healthy way to lose weight-Shebin lost weight , give yourself a chance , Let beauty begin this spring .

Shabin weight loss training to provide targeted nutritional prescriptions and exercise prescriptions for every woman participating in training based on scientific tests . A course of treatment is one month , two lessons per week , 55 minutes per lesson . Generally , a treatment course can lose 1-6 kg , as long as diet and exercise in accordance with the regulations of Shabin training , it can also effectively prevent rebound .

Shebin nutritionist tells us that the diet is based on the principle of eating less and eating more meals . The general day recipe is : a glass of milk in the morning , two slices of bread , an egg ; a fruit in the morning ; a small amount of staple food at noon , a chicken wing or two pieces of fish , vegetables and porridge ; Add a glass of juice in the afternoon ; light vegetables in the evening . Do not eat anything within 3 hours before going to bed .

Sports Training Designed a set of four-segment sports training for women’s inner and outer legs , buttocks , upper and lower abdomen , waist , upper arms and back , where fat is easy to accumulate .

1 , legs . Take lying , lying , kneeling and other postures , stretching , flexing , and raising legs to burn leg fat .

2 , buttocks . Lie on the mat with your thighs and buttocks pushing your legs up .

3 , upper and lower abdomen . Mainly take sit-ups , exercise abdominal muscles .

4 , waist . Stand with your feet fixed , press your upper body sideways , and move your waist fat to the fullest extent .

5 , upper arm and back . With the help of a small dumbbell , lift the dumbbell up , down , and sideways .

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