Lose weight / Easy weight loss / Let the treadmill help you achieve your weight loss dream!

Let the treadmill help you achieve your weight loss dream!

Many people in the city choose treadmills to lose weight because of environmental constraints , so how to use a treadmill to lose weight is the best . What do you know when using treadmills ? Today , the editor will introduce you one by one .

When using the treadmill for fitness , you need to pay attention to the following items :

1 . Choose quick start mode :

A good running opportunity is preset with a set of programs . When you are running , just enter the data according to the prompts and you can choose different exercise methods , such as ” fat reduction mode ” , ” cardiopulmonary function mode ” , ” climbing mode ” , ” random Mode ” etc . Among them , the quick start mode can adjust the exercise intensity at any time .

2 . Pay attention to body position :

To stand in the middle of the running belt , it is easy to step on the base when it is too front , and it is easy to be thrown out when it is too far . Of course , don’t run away .

3 . Start walking :

It is recommended to starting at a walking speed of 4-6 km/h and gradually transition to running . In addition , brisk walking can make more use of fat for energy supply , and the fat reduction effect is relatively better .

4 . Stop slowly :

Although you try to move forward , your body still stays in place , which makes the brain a little confused , . So you may feel dizzy just after getting off the treadmill , and this will not happen when you gradually reduce the speed .

Officially enters the treadmill training : Start with a heart rate monitor to determine the amount of exercise suitable for the individual .

For healthy young people , there are usually three methods :

1 . Aerobic isometric training :

The speed gradually increases from 2 km/h , the level difference is 1 km , and each level is maintained for 1 minute . Observe that the heart rate reaches the target heart rate range (130-150 beats/min ) of moderate-intensity aerobic training , that is , maintain the speed at this time and exercise for 10-30 minutes .

If your heart rate continues to increase , feel wheezing , or feel uncomfortable , decelerate immediately . Unless it is an emergency , you should generally avoid a sudden stop , and it is safer from transition gradually . When the same speed have not reached the original heart rate , you can slightly increase the speed or increase the slope , which is conducive to improving cardiopulmonary function .

2 . Aerobic speed training :

The previous method is the same as (1 ) , after the heart rate reaches 130-150 beats/min , maintain the speed for 3 minutes to slow down the speed , after the heart rate drops to 110-120 beats/min , maintain for 3 minutes , and increase the speed again for 3 minutes , so back and forth Alternate 2 to 5 times . It belongs to small and medium-intensity aerobic training , suitable for young people with slightly poor physique .

3 . Anaerobic metabolism training :

The method is based on (1 ) . When the heart rate reaches 130 to 150 beats/minutes , it is maintained for 5 minutes . Afterwards , the heart rate is gradually increased to 170 times by accelerating and increasing the slope according to the difference between 1 km/h-gradient of 2 degrees per minute . /Minute , that is , the threshold for anaerobic metabolism is entered , and it is maintained for another 5 minutes . Then start to quickly reduce the speed and slope , and then walk slowly for 3 minutes to end . Suitable for young people with better physical fitness .

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