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Lazy women lose weight, 12 favorite weight loss products

Who says there is no shortcut to losing weight? Choosing the right product with massage skills and aiming at the key points, the graceful posture will appear immediately! Who says there is no shortcut to losing weight? Choosing the right product with massage skills and aiming at the key points, the graceful posture will appear immediately!

An annoying little belly and the fat on both sides of the waist are a big problem for many women’s hearts. In the final analysis, it is all the “cause of fat” caused by stubborn fat, and the waist is the favorite place for fat.

Slimming Fast Ways:

Product usage tips:

1. The storage and release of fat is out of balance, causing the skin-like spongy skin to loosen, and cellulite will appear, which is inseparable from the habitual consumption of high-calorie, high-fat foods and lack of exercise. Therefore, supplemented with good eating habits and moderate exercise is essential for flat belly shaping.

2. Because the waist protects important internal organs, it is necessary to pay special attention to whether the ingredients are safe in the selection of slimming products. It is best to choose products specifically for the waist.

3. Due to gravity, body fat will accumulate downwards, especially the abdomen. When applying slimming cream on the abdomen, circle clockwise with the center, then use both hands to lift diagonally upward on the waist side, and finally push up with the fingertips from the position of the navel.

4. The effect of “heating and strengthening” is better. The method is to squeeze out a thinner amount of slimming cream than usual, put it in a microwave container, heat it at low heat for 30 seconds, and take it out. After evenly applying the hot slimming cream and absorbed by the skin, pat the skin of the abdomen with the palms of both hands to accelerate blood circulation and help the skin absorb the active ingredients.

5. Early morning, after bathing, and before exercise are the best time to use slimming products. Grasping these three time periods will definitely make the slimming effect more effective.

Clarins Clarins Girdle Waist 680 Yuan/200ml

contains essences of dragon bud grass and sunflower, invisible “hula hoop”, which is powerful for deep skin firming, lifting, drainage, detoxification and has moisturizing and anti-aging effects.

Fancl firming curve moisturizing lotion (available in Hong Kong)

Massage on puffy and uneven skin such as waist, buttocks, thighs, etc. to help promote fat burning, tighten relaxation and restore curvy skin. Moisturizes and restores skin’s suppleness while firming.

Biotherm Biotherm skin rejuvenation and slimming night film 480 yuan/6 pieces

Different body treatment methods, provide 8 hours of strong slimming treatment at night, effectively disintegrate the stubborn fat accumulated during the day, targeted, the effect is more obvious, wherever you want to lose weight.

Korres Ke Nuo Shi geranium grapefruit massage oil 290 yuan /100ml

essential oils of geranium, fennel and grapefruit eliminate toxins from the body, and excrete toxins by stimulating the lymphatic system, thus achieving the effect of tightening the skin and alleviating the symptoms of orange peel.

Camenae Home Merlot Grapefruit Slimming Body Serum 228 yuan/100ml

contains a variety of plant active ingredients such as grapefruit essential oil, cocoa extract, chili oil, etc., which can instantly penetrate into the skin, help in the consumption of fat during the day, and make the body tend to be slim, light and charming.

L’Occitane L’Occitane Almond Oil Firming Oil 445 yuan/100ml

This body product can moisturize the skin and restore it to fullness, strengthen the function of moisture, let the moisture penetrate into the dry skin surface, make the skin more moist and improve the complexion.

Herborist Compound Slimming Massage Oil 230 yuan/100ml

Contains essential oils of rhubarb and evening primrose, with olive oil, moisturizes and penetrates into the bottom layer of the skin, enhances skin vitality, improves relaxation, and massages help to tighten and enhance the skin, showing a soft curve.

Every day, your legs must be on the road with full body weight. Over time, blocked blood and lymphatic circulation will affect the drainage and metabolism of skin tissues, causing edema in the lower extremity skin. Therefore, the leg trouble that most women face is not fat, but asymmetric.

Product usage tips:

When using slimming cream or special legs products, the strength should not be too weak, it is better to press the skin slightly red.

Whether it is thighs or calves, the general direction of massage is from bottom to top, so as to activate and affect the microcirculation of the skin of the legs and accelerate skin drainage metabolism. And for the inner side of the lower leg and the outer side of the thigh, stay in the place with the most fat, spiral massage repeatedly.

cling film can make the skin heat quickly and promote perspiration, through the effect of heating points to improve the firming effect of slimming cream. The method is to take an appropriate amount of slimming cream and apply it evenly on both sides and inside of the thighs, then gently massage in circles until it is absorbed. After massage with “Z” method, take a large piece of plastic wrap around the thighs, entangle it tightly from bottom to top, and then walk slowly back and forth in the room, if possible, you can also wrap the plastic wrap on the treadmill, probably After 15 minutes of exercise, you can obviously feel the thigh fever and perspiration.

Many brands of slimming products have launched massagers. After applying slimming cream and then using a simple massager to massage, it can help promote blood circulation and eliminate edema.

L’oréal paris L’Oréal Slimming Massage Gel 220 yuan/150ml

Innovative formula is rich in Co-cafeine Cx caffeine compound ingredients, which effectively promotes the decomposition of fat in fat cells, fights the most stubborn and deep-rooted cellulite, and reshapes the body.

Sisley Sisley Botanical Body Essence 1150 yuan/150ml

fresh and delicate gel cream texture, exudes a fresh fragrance, press-type bottled tube is more convenient and fast. Especially suitable for people with orange peel, overweight or sagging muscles, and muscle relaxation after dieting.

Shiseido Shiseido body shaping milk 330 yuan/200ml

SLM flavor continues to work on the sympathetic nerves. The caffeine with metabolic effect penetrates into the skin and promotes the decomposition of neutral fat. Through the rich, long-lasting and continuous fragrance, shape a curve-shaped body.

[comfore zone] jade leg vitality essence spray 450 yuan/125ml

‘s uniquely developed marine extracts have a soothing and calming effect on leg fatigue caused by travel fatigue, long-term sitting and standing, or a particularly hot environment, as long as they are sprayed through nylon socks and tights.

Biotherm Biotherm fresh vitality leg ice gel 360 yuan/150ml

The quickly absorbed gel formula gives the skin a sense of firmness, the blood lymphatic circulation of the skin can be significantly improved, the legs immediately restore lightness, and the sense of fatigue disappears. Immediately presents the shaping effect of beautiful legs, making legs tighter and slender.

Clarins multi-functional massage board 585 yuan

“Five in One” treatment combines four massage functions and one kind of delicate skin function, which can accelerate the absorption and curative effect of body care products.

Borghese mineral nutrition body cream 460 yuan/200g

contains the patented formula of “Living Water” and powerful moisturizing ingredients, allowing water to penetrate into the dry skin surface, moisturizing and improving the complexion, moisturizing the skin, and making the skin soft and full.

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