Weight Loss / Easy weight loss / Lazy people lose weight 5 want 5 don’t

Lazy people lose weight 5 want 5 don’t

√ 1 . Comfortable massage and good body

Massage to lose weight by actuating fat by fingers , making it soft and easy to burn . Especially the lack of exercise , the accumulation of fat in the waist , repeated massage , the effect is very obvious . For different body parts , the massage techniques are different . The general direction are ” from top to bottom , from outside to the direction of the heart ” , which helps blood circulation , accelerates metabolism , and improves the effect of weight loss .

√2 . Traditional acupuncture helps health

Acupuncture plays an important role in the process of regulating obesity . Its mechanism is to adjust the metabolism and endocrine function of the human body . After acupuncture , it can inhibit gastrointestinal peristalsis and gastric acid secretion , so as to reduce hunger and achieve weight loss . Through acupuncture treatment , it is easy to adjust various metabolic functions of the body , promote fat breakdown , and achieve the effect of losing weight and reducing fat .

Slimming Fast Ways:

Note , there may be reactions such as anorexia , thirst , increased frequency of bowel movements , fatigue , etc . These are normal phenomena .

√3 . Essential oil massaged beauty curved

attacks the oil with ” oiling ” , purifies the body , and shapes the perfect curve . Doesn’t it sound magical ? Essential oil has a strong ” pass ” and ” drain ” effect . The various ingredients stimulate the circulatory system through natural plant aroma and energy to smooth blood circulation and help solve problems of obesity and water retention in the body .

√ 4 . Traditional Chinese medicine Bao Bao slim

Combining TCM meridian theory , designing a belt with a Chinese medicine bag , applying pure natural precious Chinese medicinal materials to the waist , through the contact of the Chinese medicine bag with the human body , health care waist , through the blood circulation , is an ideal and healthy weight loss method .

√5 . Warm foot bath increases beauty

Human feet are like tree roots , and the feet are the ” reactors ” of human organs . If you want to have a healthy body , foot care is very important . Soaking in hot water with added traditional Chinese medicine and mineral ingredients to stimulate the deep circulatory system in the body , promote metabolism , and then massage the acupuncture points of the foot , which has the magical effect of weight loss and beauty .

×1 . Be cautious about drug weight loss

weight loss pills start from three aspects : suppressing appetite , strengthening energy metabolism and using laxatives . Medicine is not an ideal way to lose weight , it has great side effects on the liver , kidney , heart and other organs of the human body , and weight loss is not complete .

×2 . No benefit of liposuction and weight loss

Liposuction seems to have an immediate effect . The operation removes a large amount of fat deposited under the skin , but does not reduce the volume of residual fat ; on the contrary , after liposuction , insulin sensitivity , blood lipid concentration , blood pressure , and some coronary artery The content of inflammatory mediators related to heart disease has not changed much , and there is still a risk of illness .

×3 . Fat rejection machine to get rid of health

Standing on a fat-throwing machine is a passive exercise that does not have much effect on weight loss , and long-term violent vibration will loosen and dislocate the lumbar and cervical spine joints , causing disc herniation , cervical spondylosis and other diseases . This non-physiological exercise will affect gastrointestinal motility and lead to gastrointestinal dysfunction .

×4 . Don’t get close to cut stomach to lose weight

Stomach cutting for weight loss , also known as ” gastric bypass weight loss surgery ” , by removing part of the stomach , the stomach volume is reduced , thereby limiting the amount of diet , and dieting to achieve weight loss . The harm to this operation is that the free stomach is likely to shrink after resection , the gastrointestinal function is basically lost , and even affects the nervous system , resulting in symptoms such as speechlessness and mental depression .

×5 . Smoking and weight loss are not allowed

Does indeed reduce weight , but the waistline has no improvement , because the body ” transfers ” more fat under the belly , and then invades the blood , resulting in a sharp increase in the risk of heart disease and diabetes . Compared with the risk of smoking , a slight weight loss is really not enough .

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