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Korean celebrity secret recipe: Korean-style secret slimming tea

We often lament that the old , middle-aged and younger women in Korean dramas all have graceful postures . In fact , this is related to their advocacy of beauty . Once they are valued , the overall level will also increase accordingly . Originally derived from Chinese medicine in Korean medicine , it is also widely used in Chinese medicine for weight loss . The herbal slimming tea method advocated by its representative Jin Zhaoheng is very well received by the local people . For different types of obesity , she also prescribes different prescriptions .

1 . Shaoyao tea-suitable for those with cold hands and feet

Some women often feel cold hands and feet , in fact , because their blood circulation is not smooth , . So it is recommended to drinking peony tea to promote blood circulation and expel the congestion accumulated in the body out of the body . The method is very simple , boil 15 grams of wild dried peony with 400 mls of water , and when half of the remaining amount is added , add ginger , jujube and honey .

2 . Barley green tea-eliminate water and poison

When the water in the body becomes toxin , it is easy to induce puffiness . At this time , drink more herbal tea that can warm the body and expel excess watered from the body . Barley green tea can remove moisture from the body and detoxify the body . It is a good choice . First boil 100 grams of barley , 200 grams of mung beans and 600-800 milliliters of water . When half of the water is left , add green tea and continue heating for one minute to turn off the heat . Remember to drink three times a day .

3 . Pinellia Poria Tea-poor metabolism

Both Pinellia and Poria phlegm can help eliminate phlegm and indigestion , . So it has a certain effect on chronic fatigue caused by poor metabolism , indigestion and headache . It only takes 6 grams of Pinellia , 4 grams of Poria , plus 500 ml of water to cook together for about 10 minutes , and can add a little honey when drinking . But Banxiaxin powder is warm and dry , and the user should decide whether it is suitable according to personal circumstances , and Fule is a lot of civilians . The Fule cream and Sishen soup that we often contact to use them as raw materials . Poria supplements the spleen and diuretic . There are also effects such as blood sugar lowering , sedation , and qi supplementation , and some people are used to long-term consumption .

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