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Korean actress weight loss method competition

In order to slender and graceful figure , wear fashionable and open back , bare shoulders and bare arms . There is a compulsory course of big and small stars in the entertainment industry , which is to keep fit . Unlike the innate conditions , which only requires scientific weight loss , the weight loss of the ” star girl ” is ” brutal ” and ” weird ” , and the degree of ” cruel ” and ” weird ” methods are staggering . Now , Let’s take a look at the tips for Korean stars to lose weight !

Song Huiqiao Weight Loss Tips

Tip 1 : never hungry , eat less and eat more meals

When you are hungry , eating more will make people eat more , . So you must not eat when you are hungry , eat 5-6 meals a day , the amount of each meal are less , the food is mainly high-protein foods and vegetables Lord , absolutely don’t eat fried high-calorie foods . Usually eating more fruits and vegetables is very good for the body and skin .

Tip 2 , drink plenty of water

Although I often hear the phrase ” you only get fat if you drink water , ” water has no calories , and it has nothing to do with gaining weight . We want to eliminate the wrong idea of ”drinking water and get fat . Drinking more water can produce a feeling of fullness and make you feel full . It takes less food , . So it has the effect of losing weight , and can make your skin watery and elastic .

Tip 3 : Never eat before going to bed

The energy consumption of 3-4 hours before going to bed is reduced . At this time , eating will not only increase the burden on the body but also makes it very easy to gain weight , so never eat before going to bed .

Li Huiying stovepipe

Nirvana : shape the legs with high heels

One of her secrets is to use high-heel , middle-heel , and low-heel shoes alternately to shape the legs .

Upgrade weapons : exercise + massage

In order to show more sexier legs , she often does squat exercises to exercise the inner thigh muscles . In addition , within 3 minutes after bathing , apply a special lotion for the legs and massage it , which is also the key to maintaining a beautiful pair of legs .

Slim waist

Bao’er has a 22-inch waist , which makes us envious . Today we will unveil the secret of thin waist beauty

Baoer has a 22-inch waist . In the song ” Number one ” , Baoer , who was still fat , once lost weight by eating wakame with pepper sauce . Compared with other methods , ballet dancing can reduce a lot of meat and can develop a correct posture . Ballet is also effective against reducing obesity of the lower limbs .

Jinxishan Honey Slimming Method

It is hard to imagine that Kim Hee Sun , Korea’s No . 1 beauty , was an inconspicuous ” little fat girl ” before entering the acting world . In fact , her food intake is not large , but she likes to eat sweets , but she can’t quit the temptation of desserts . It is the ” honey weight loss method ” introduced by her friends , which allows her to maintain a charming and good figure .

Although honey has a lot of sugar , it is rich in vitamins . For those who become fat and have poor health , it is best to use honey instead of dinner .

Her introduction method is very simple : as long as 30 grams of honey are added to one liter of water to mix , you can also add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to season . If you drink it for two or three days , it will have an unexpected effect . The average is about Will lose three to four kilograms .

Before breakfast , you can add honey when drinking water , and eat a small amount of porridge for lunch and dinner . The average person feels relaxed and happy after eating honey for two days . After five days , you can eat noodles and other easily digestible things , and then slowly resume your original diet .

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