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Just eat vegetables and fruits to lose weight

Some plump women use vegetarianism as a way to lose weight . It is undeniable that eating more fiber-rich foods such as vegetarian food , vegetables and fruits is indeed helpful for weight loss . However , if you only eat vegetables and fruits and not staple food , you may lose weight and become fatter . Recent medical research on vegetarian diets has confirmed that women often eat vegetarian food without rice , not only will they get fatter , but they may also get sick .

The reason why many women eat vegetables is that they can lose weight as long as they eat vegetables . In fact , there are times when they can’t lose weight . That is because vegetables are easy to absorb oil , but they are more likely to take in more fatter and fatter . Vegan dishes have a worse taste than meat dishes . In the cooking process , more oil and more seasoning are generally used to increase the fragrance and taste of the vegetarian dishes . In this way , people inadvertently consume more stealth fat . In 1 gram of oil , there are about 9 calories ; in 1 gram of protein , there are about 4 calories ; in contrast , in 1 gram of rice , there are only 4 calories . Therefore , eating only or not eating food will result in a lot of oil and protein in the diet , soaring calories , but fat .

The current facts prove that eating vegetarian eggs and milk will not bring serious nutritional deficiencies . So , if you are only vegetarian for weight loss , don’t eat meat , don’t eat eggs or milk yoghurt . Otherwise , the person has lost weight , but the whole person is depressed , and it is easy to get older .

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