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Weight Loss / Exercise to lose weight / Jump rope to lose weight quickly , pay attention to 2 details

Jump rope to lose weight quickly , pay attention to 2 details

In various fitness activities , some foreign sports medicine experts have particularly admired the rope skipping exercise in recent years . The famous American fitness expert Rich Sandanle believes that there are many kinds of skipping ropes , which can be simple and complex , and can be doing at any time . It will be suitable as a fitness exercise in one study , and especially suitable for women .

In terms of exercise volume , continuous rope skipping for 10 minutes is almost the same as jogging for 30 minutes or fitness dance for 20 minutes . It can be described as a time-consuming and energy-intensive aerobic exercise . British fitness expert Mam emphasized that skipping rope can enhance the body’s cardiovascular , respiratory and nervous system functions . His research confirmed that skipping rope can prevent many diseases such as diabetes , arthritis , obesity , osteoporosis , high blood pressure , muscle atrophy , hyperlipidemia , insomnia , depression , menopausal syndrome , etc . For women , skipping rope also has the positive effect of relaxing emotions .

French fitness expert Moque designed a sport for female fitness people .

Just jumped in place for 1 minute at the beginning of the course ; jump for 3 minutes in a row after 3 days , and jump for 10 minutes in a row for 3 months ; after 6 months , you can achieve a continuous jump of 3 minutes per day , a total of 5 times , until a continuous Jump for half an hour .

Jump for half an hour at a time , which is equivalent to 90 minutes of jogging , which is already a standard aerobic fitness exercise .

Moke also puts forward the following precautions for the skipper :

1 . Those who skip rope should wear high-top shoes with soft texture and light weight to avoid ankle injury .

2 . Choose a suitable soft and hard lawn , wooden floor and mud soil . It is better not to skip rope on the hard concrete ground to avoid damage to the knots and easily cause dizziness .

Fat people and middle-aged women should use both feet to rise and fall at the same time . At the same time , the jump should not be too high to prevent the joint from being injured due to excessive weight when jumping on one foot .

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