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Weight Loss / Exercise to lose weight / Is weight loss exercises useful?

Is weight loss exercises useful?

Many people like to lose weight by skipping weight loss exercise when they lose weight , especially Zheng Duoyan’s weight loss exercises are popular , mainly because the weight loss exercises are not as monotonous as running , and the required sports venues are not high . At home The living room can be easily jumped up , the time is not so limited , as long as no one is noisy , others can jump up at any time . Many small partners found that they had skipped a week or a month of weight-loss exercises but did not see the effect , and began to suspect that the weight-loss exercise could not lose weight . So is weight loss useful ? , Let’s explore together below .

Is weight loss useful ?

Weight loss exercises is an aerobic exercise method that is very suitable for weight loss . Compare with running , weight loss exercise is not monotonous , and it is a weight loss exercise that moves to the whole body , and it will not increase a certain local burden like running . , So you don’t have to worry about legs becoming thicker . At the same time , skipping weight loss exercises also have a health care effect , which can activate our joints and increase the flexibility of the body . So weight loss exercises can not only lose weight , but also make our body curve more beautiful .

1 . Pay attention to the intensity

When we use weight loss exercises to lose weight , we must pay attention to grasping the intensity . The exercise to lose weight does not have to reach sweating to be effective , but our heart rate must reach a certain intensity before we start to burn fat . Therefore , when we do weight-loss exercises , we should not be too violent to pursue the effect of sweating . As long as the heart rate of exercise reaches about 120-150 within the range that one can adapt .

2 . Ensure enough exercise time

Whether it is weight loss exercises or running is aerobic exercise , aerobic exercise wants to achieve the effect of weight loss , then the exercise time should be guaranteed at least 30 minutes , but the weight loss exercise will be more aerobic exercise than running Smaller , so the best time to do weight-loss exercises is to stay around 90-120 minutes , too little may not achieve the effect of weight loss , and too long will hurt our health .

Preparation for weight loss exercises

Before performing weight loss exercises , we need to choose a set of weight loss exercises that are suitable for ourselves . At the beginning , it is best to choose some basic weight loss exercises , which are free-hand exercises , so that it will be easier and safer to exercise . Do weight loss exercises must be accompanied by appropriate music , so that jumping will not be monotonous and boring to persist . But as entertainment . Before doing weight-loss exercises , you should first do a warm-up exercise , press the legs to move the waist . Allow your body a period of time to adapt to it , so that it will not suddenly start to jump and become uncomfortable . Of course , the preparation of the environment is also very important , there must not be too much debris next to it , otherwise you may fall if you accidentally step on it .

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