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“Ice and fire blend” fast-acting weight loss alternative fat elimination

After the end of the continuous rainy days ago , the hot summer came to Guangzhou to ” report ” , and the streets and alleys were white and swayed by the sun . In such weather , people can’t wait to live in the refrigerator , but the women in the city found them instead . Paradise The wardrobe full of open shoulders , backs , legs , and navel summer dresses is about to shine , but the fat on the top and bottom can immediately make people return to dream to reality . This is a season of fat on the exhibition , and it is also a burn . Fatty season . So , for the summer suspenders , for those dozen short skirts , we have to reborn and enjoy the ” thin ” summer !

1 . Embed the thread minus the ” byebye arm “

American arm standard : slender , firm and free of fat .

Beautiful arm idol : Harry-Berry-beautiful small muscle lines have tension .

Want to know the origin of ” byebye arm ” ? does this with me : raise your arm , above your head , and wave your hand . If you can feel the flesh inside the upper arm shaking , it means you have a ” byebye arm ” and say goodbye to the charming curve . Under normal circumstances , women’s upper limb strength is particularly weak , because the woman’s upper limb movement opportunities are few , and the movement opportunities for the inner side of the upper arm are almost zero , it is easy to breed fat .

Steps :

1 . High temperature and high pressure sterilization of all items for use ;

2 . Sterilize the skin with iodine wine , then use alcohol to eliminate iodine ;

3 . Bury the strictly sterilized protein threads on the outside of the arm or other fat accumulation site , once every 15 days .

Comments : Among female figures , the lines of the arms are the most difficult to control . The beautician introduced that the treatment by embedding the thread , which lasts more than two weeks , can reduce the fat on the arm and have a slender and sexy beautiful arm . Note that the wound after embedding should not be wet for 12 hours , and should not eat spicy food , alcohol , or smoking for three days .

2 . Burn away from ” life buoy “

” waist essence ” standard : slim , flat and elastic .

” Waist essence ” idol : Wu Peici-a flexible , flexible beautiful waist will bring sexy and taste to the right .

Once summer arrives , the ” life buoy ” on the body can’t be covered . Whatever clothes you wear will look stupid and your mood is getting worse . If you are such a small ” belly ” wife , then come and try the fashionable fire waist slimming technique , which can not only exercise a thin waist , but also have strong muscle lines , get rid of in a short time Small ” bellie ” mother-in-law , marching towards small ” waist ” fine . Don’t forget to buy a piece of exposed navels to show off your little waist !

Steps :

First clean the entire waist with a cleansing lotion , and place the meridian strip soaked in Tibetan medicine in the shape of a S-shaped waist , covered with a layer of wet towels poured with alcohol . After igniting the alcohol , you can see a S-shaped fire dragon Burn in the back . The beautician will always pay attention to the customer’s feelings . If they feel burning in the back , they will immediately extinguish the fire and dissipate heat . After the fire treatment , remove the towel covered with your body , you can see that there are fine water beads seeping out , and the toxins in the body are also discharged from the body .

Comment : If you can massage and massage with aromatherapy essential oil before and after fire treatment to clear the meridians , you can make fire treatment better . Beauty’s classic beautician introduced that the effect of fire therapy on abdominal weight loss is particularly immediate , . So it is very popular with summer and many people are willing to do this project .

3 . Ice therapy eliminates ” jelly legs “

Jade legs standard : no fat on the knees , thin and thick ankles , and slender legs like tender lotus roots .

Jade leg idol : Mo Wenwei – Slender and uniform , full of sense of lines , was named the queen of beautiful legs .

First does a test : hold your head high and close your feet . You can feel the squeeze on the inside of your thighs even when you are not working , even if your thighs are too thick !


1. First, perform acupressure on the joints between the lower legs, thighs and buttocks;

2. Apply special slimming cream to the legs, evenly distributed;

3. Soak the bandage in mint and essential oil; take out the bandage, wrap the legs in the order from bottom to top and apply ice compress;

4. Apply freezing liquid, and remove the ice bandage after 45 minutes.

5. After sweating, wipe off with cold water towel to make the skin of the legs smoother and more elastic.

Comment: According to the beautician, shaping the leg with frozen bandage is the last procedure of ice therapy, the purpose is to tighten the fat on both sides of the leg, so that it releases energy-consuming fat. If time permits, do it 3 times a week, and you will have very obvious results in a month.

DIY Dafa

Weight loss method with coarse salt

Operation method is very simple, the principle is that coarse salt has the effect of sweating, can expel excess water from the body, and promote skin metabolism and eliminate waste from the body.


Before taking a bath every day, take a cup of coarse salt and a little hot water to make a paste (apply on the body will not fall off), and then apply it to the parts of the body that want to be thin, such as: abdomen, arms, thighs, After about 10 minutes of inactivity, rinse the coarse salt with hot water (you can also do some massage and rinse off with water) before you can start to take a bath. If your skin is more sensitive, you can not use ordinary coarse salt, you can buy a relatively fine “bath salt” to use.

Efficacy: This method is suitable for people who do not like sports, and it will usually take effect within 1-2 weeks.

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