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Weight Loss / Easy weight loss / I experienced acupuncture to lose weight and lost 14 pounds in January!

I experienced acupuncture to lose weight and lost 14 pounds in January!

I originally ” sneered ” at weight loss methods other than exercise , but I finally failed to ” defend ” my friends ‘ lobbying and ” go for the battlefield ” of acupuncture to lose weight . Out of this ” war ” without smoke , I am completely new !

My acupuncture weight loss experience


Author profile

Age : 32 years old

Height : 162cm

Occupation : Editing

Causes of obesity : After giving birth 5 years ago , the weight has increased and has not decreased . In the past two years , the sub-health status has become more and more obvious .

Weighted before acupuncture : 68 kg

weight after acupuncture : 61 kg

The following is the ” diet-loss diary ” I remembered during acupuncture . The whole treatment course was 10 times in total for 1 month . I hope it will inspire you who want to lose weight .

The first time : I have 136 pounds

came to the ” Century Shennong ” with a disturbed mood , weighing it , I was 136 pounds . Then , the young medical doctor gave me a pulse , and said my usual symptoms of discomfort . I was amazed by the wonderfulness of Chinese medicine . The person had been lying on the bed , waiting for 2 minutes for acupuncture . He was so nervous that his hands and feet were cold . He watched the same person dangling in front of my eyes , a little dizzy . While the doctor was preparing the equipment , he was empathetic and chatted with me . The first needle was pierced and there was no feeling . Then the dozen or more needles pierced in the stomach were just in the moment of ” breaking the skin ” . Sometimes I felt a little bit ** , It doesn’t hurt , it swells slightly . When the leg was stuck , shortly after the needle was inserted , it felt that the veins in the leg had been ” passed ” to the bottom of the foot , and the tendons in the calf seemed to be turning . The doctor said that this show that my ” needle felt ” are good . All are finished , about 20 stitches . Because there is no pain , the whole person relaxes and talks freely with the people nearby . After 25 minutes , I took the needle , and I stood back to the ground again .

Feeling after tying : Sleep is obviously better than in the past , full of energy during the day , and regular stool . Basically follow the doctor’s instructions to eat and drink , neither hungry nor thirsty , everything is natural .

2nd time : actually lost 6 kg

Two days later , I came as scheduled . Standing on the scale and seeing the pointer , I couldn’t believe my eyes and lost 6 pounds ! With a puzzled look , I returned to the doctor’s smile , ” Where did I lose 6 pounds ? Why didn’t I feel it ? ” . The doctor replied calmly , ” It’s normal .” . Knowing that my sleep and mental state have changed a lot , He nodded happily . Suppressing my excitement , I ” lie down ” again and received acupuncture . Although there is a slight pain and soreness , but the heart is beautiful .

Feeling after piercing : The ” pain ” of acupuncture and moxibustion is something that ordinary people can bear , and it is not terrible as expected . In the next few days , people walked on the road , obviously feeling lighter , and the old headache of migraine also ” run ” , good spirit makes my work enthusiasm soaring .

3rd time : No weight loss

wakes up in the morning and finds ” unlucky ” . Strangely , this time not only the time was advanced to 35 days (previously it was once every 50 days ) , but also the premenstrual symptoms such as headaches , lower abdomen aches and backaches disappeared , and the feeling of dying from the pain on the first day was gone . Weighed before acupuncture in the afternoon , and the same as last time , 1 pound did not lose weight . The doctor explained that this is directly related to the arrival of the physiological cycle , and I agree with him .

Feeling after sticking : Although the weight has not changed , but the disappearance of all menstrual discomfort makes me very satisfied . The problem of ” harassing ” me for many years was actually solved within 1 week . Chinese medicine acupuncture is really magical .

4th time : lost 1 kg

” Unlucky ” is not over , and the weight is reduced by 1 kg . The doctor said : ” Your state is adjusted better , weight loss is secondary , the key is to make ” sub-health ” no longer entangle you .” . I even claimed “yes .” . Next , acupuncture , acupuncture point on the leg because of congestion , I screamed when the pain , the doctor changed the acupuncture , the pain disappeared . This is by far the most painful needle for me . Fortunately , time is short .

After feeling : go home and follow the doctor’s instructions , use raw potato chips on the congestion place , the next day has changed . If you feel full and eat when you eat , your stomach will be uncomfortable , as if you want to spread it .

5th time : lost another 2 kg

On the way to , I thought that if my weight did not change , I would like to give up . Before acupuncture , I told the doctor that my head was dizzy for the past two days , and I felt that the flesh on my body was ” loosening ” again . Because the child is ill , he does not sleep well at night . He said confidently : ” No problem , your weight is going downhill , your mental state is okay , everything is developing in a good direction .” . During acupuncture , the doctor put a needle on my head to ease dizziness . When he was stuck in the stomach , he said that I had a lot of room , and it would be no problem to lose another 5 kg . After hearing this , I regained my confidence and returned to joy .

Feeling after the piercing : On the way home , my head will not feel dizzy . Colleagues made fun of me eating like a rabbit at noon . I retorted : ” As long as I have a good spirit and good health , I am willing to be a rabbit .” . Sleep has improved .

6th time : 1 kg reduced , a total of 10 kg

lost weight by 10 kg in 3 weeks . For me , this is already ” a fruit .” . what is more gratifying for me is that I didn’t experience the ” dazzling ” taste of many people who were hungry during weight loss . Instead , they were in an excellent state of mind . When I got the first injection today , I felt more painful . The doctor said it was because the fat layer on my stomach became thinner . I approve of this explanation and strengthen my determination to continue on the road to weight loss . Talking with the doctor , this time the acupuncture was over without knowing it .

Feeling after tying : a few pantses that used to be very tight , now the inner buckle does not feel tight , and even one is a little loose . This excites me and my temper is much better .

7th time : I lost 2 pounds again

said today on the scale , “Wow– ” , I exclaimed and lost 2 pounds . The doctor once told me that when it is reduced to 10 pounds , a ” platform ” will be produced , and this weight will be stagnated several times . I excitedly asked the doctor if I was lucky ? He replied : ” Everyone’s ” platform ” period is different , 10 kg , 12 kg , or even 15 kg is possible .” . I prayed secretly , my ” platform ” came later . Before acupuncture , I asked the doctor to make the needle lighter . After all , the fat layer were thinner and the pain tolerance decreased . Sure enough , there was really no pain this time .

After feeling : I am still full of energy . Several people said that I was obviously thin , and I was chasing me about various feelings and acupuncture locations , which made me feel very accomplished .

8th : My weight has not changed , my ” platform ” is here

On the way to , I feel that my weight will not change . Sure enough , the facts verified my ideas . Just two days after the beauty , the ” platform ” arrived in time . Today’s acupuncture has changed a little bit-my right arm was turned over , and the rest is still there . A colleague that has been ” looking up ” at me for a long time to lose weight turned around the bed where I was lying , and kept asking me what it felt like , whether it hurts or not . After I answered truthfully , she looked at the silver needle on me and still felt ” horrified ” . She also asked the doctor if she could lose 10 pounds of a course of treatment . After getting a positive answer to the doctor , she ” jumped ” and threw ” terror ” behind her head .

Post-barrier feeling : The leader saw me and said that I was really thin and I felt young . Colleagues praised me , and my self-confidence grew stronger and my diet was more relaxed .

9th : ” Platform ” continues

Indulge in your own diet on the weekend , and continue to ” platform ” is the result I can accept . When talking with doctors during acupuncture , he said that people that lose weight can be divided into 3 categories : those who are above 180 kgs , those between 140-180 kg and those below 140 kgs . Among them , those who are above 180 pounds have the best effect . Generally , a course can reduce 20 to 30 pounds . I joked that it is a ” basic ” good . Some reduce it , and the doctor laughs and defaults ; people below 140 pounds , because they are closer to the standard The weight is the hardest to lose . I said that like me , even if you are slim in the ” weight loss ” army , the doctor nods frequently . Talking and laughing , this time the acupuncture is over .

After feeling : because of the changes in my body , my confidence in doing many things is also growing . This is something I did not expect before acupuncture . I hope this feeling will continue .

10th time : I won the ” out of the customs ” with 14 kg

s Today , I finally stepped out of the ” platform ” and resumed the ” slip “trended . I was embarrassed to ” confess ” to the doctor that I was able to support my son’s birthday yesterday . Just thinking about not rebounding before coming , I was so excited when I saw that I lost another 2 pounds . I jokingly said : ” 14 pounds , a big piece of’poster hip tip ‘ myself ! ” . the doctor replied ” with a pinch of blood ” : ” If you didn’t eat or drink yesterday , you will lose more today .” . I smirked silently To right . During the last acupuncture , the doctor gave me ” sealing the needle ” (acupuncture points to prevent rebound ) , and I won the exit !

Feeling after tying : On the second day after tying , our company organized mountain climbing . Although it didn’t get the ranking , the body felt much easier . With reluctance , I completed a month of acupuncture to lose weight .

My experience of acupuncture for weight loss

1 . Mild pain Needless to say about the color change of ” needle ” , the pain caused by acupuncture and moxibustion is very mild and can be tolerated by most people .

2 . Psychological relaxation Before the first acupuncture , don’t be cranky or distracted by others . Since you have decided , you must relax and be confident .

3 . Drinking water in a small mouth Drinking water after acupuncture , it is not appropriate to drink in a big mouth , it should be like tasting , slowly “tasted ” like a small mouth .

4 . Eat when you are hungry During weight loss , keep in mind the principle of ” don’t eat if you’re hungry , and eat again when you’re hungry ” to avoid fat accumulation .

5 . Meal before acupuncture Every time before acupuncture , remember to eat a full meal , some people will be hungry when acupuncture is hungry .

6 . Cooperating with the tapping During the acupuncture , if you keep patting the belly and other fat parts of / in 1 hour every day , the weight loss effect is more obvious .

Health world tips :

Choose regular place

Hospitals should go to professional hospitals with regular medical licenses for acupuncture . They usually establish medical records for weight-loss people . Do not choose a beauty salon at will , so as not to cause unnecessary trouble . The cost is also very different . In terms of 10 treatment sessions , individual beauty institutions only need 300 yuan , while the average regular hospitals are around 800 to 1,500 yuan .

Doctor Profiles of doctors with professional backgrounds is often posted in conspicuous places in hospitals for dieters to choose . Before acupuncture , doctors should give pulses of the ” patients ” for one-to-one treatment , not the same treatment for everyone . In addition , in the conversation with the doctor , you can also distinguish one or two .

Apparatus The regular needle should be disposable , and it will be thrown to the designated garbage after finishing . This can avoid cross-infection , reflecting the hospital’s responsible attitude to patients .

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