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Weight Loss / Partial weight loss / How to reduce the fat on the belly? This method is very simple

How to reduce the fat on the belly? This method is very simple

How to reduce the fat on the stomach ? Do you have a solution ? Are you still worried about how to reduce the fat on your stomach ? Don’t worry , let me solve the problem of how to reduce the fat on the belly . As long as you do it , there will be a good weight loss effect .

Fat burning

The best way to lose weight are to do a lot of cardiovascular exercise . Some good examples are :






But no matter which exercises you chooses  , the best aerobic exercise to burn fat is strategic . Either high-intensity intervals training , or very low-intensity aerobic walking , or ideally both .

When the fat in your muscle decreases , you will look more fitter and less relaxed .

Exercise muscle to burn more fatter

As the cardiovascular system works , ton will speed up and improve this process , but don’t think you only need to exercise your abs . This is another misunderstanding . The fact is that when you exercise all the larger muscle groups and increase the weight of your muscle , your metabolism will accelerate to an unprecedented level .

Large muscle groups to concentrate :

Before and after thigh




Triceps and Biceps




Your muscles need extra calories to maintain themselves , so more food you eat will feed your muscles , not your troubles spots . Your conditional heart (from the cardiovascular ) is also more effective against burning calories , . So you have a golden combination .

When fat comes off your body , it will come off your stomach . Your body fat is like an organ , distributed throughout the body . Unless you have liposuction surgery , you can’t remove fat from only one part .

After exercising , be sure to exercise the abdominal muscles . This is for good reason . You are using them indirectly for all other exercises you do .

Abdominal muscle is an important stable muscle that can maintain your state . If you do abdominal muscles first , you will exhaust them and your entire training will not be optimal . From the largest muscle to the smallest muscle .

Strengthen the core muscles

However , it is still important to do core exercises . Sit-ups and sit-ups primarily exercise the largest abdominal muscles , the rectus abdominous , which flexes the spine . This muscle compresses the abdomen to a certain extent , but there are other muscles that need attention .

The internal oblique and external oblique , which I like to call ” nature’s belt ” , are located on both side with / against the rectus abdominous . They are the muscles you use when scoliosis or waist twisting . They also contract to pressure the abdomen , . So you should work as hard as you do with the rectus abdominous . Add a twist to the sit-ups , and dumbbell side bends , but be careful not to use any rapid movements , especially if you have problems with your back .

Transverse abdominal muscles are located on both sides of you , below the oblique muscles . Often referred to as the ” lower abdominal muscles , ” these muscles should be of concern to women that try to lose their abdomen after pregnancy . Exercise that require raising the leg instead of the upper body can effectively strengthen the transverse muscles .

Training techniques for tight abdomen


Walking makes all the abdominal muscles work . When walking , be sure to swing your arms , contract your abdomen , and keep pace . Once your body is used to walking every day , you don’t want to not walk for a day . At least 30 minutes of walking each time to achieve the aerobic effect , be sure to drink plenty of water .

Weight training

Weight training not only helps metabolism , but also strengthens bones . As you age , increasing muscles will also work wonders for your energy level and self-esteem .


Yoga is also effective against strengthening the body , especially your abs and back . It greatly improves posture and creates a taller , thinner appearance . Pilates and many mat-based exercises are also good choices . The important thing is that you have found an activity you like . This will greatly increase your chances of perseverance .

Can the girth was used ?

Many TV commercials are now promoting devices that can stimulate muscles to contract repeatedly with exercising . I even saw a ” belly belt ” ad claiming that it can perform 700 sit-ups in 10 minutes ! This ad shows that people do all kinds of abdominal exercises in the wrong way . They hate doing it every second , while smiling men and women tie ” whatever ” around they . How charming !

In these advertisements , several people claimed that their waistline was reduced by inches due to the use of these products . A man with six abdominal muscles believes in this device . This disillusioned the audience’s fantasy about how to reduce belly fat . It is not enough to strengthen your abdominal muscles alone (these machines cannot do too much ) .

Why is this happening ? Because of fat ! If a fat woman does sit-ups hundreds of times a day , she may develop strong abdominal muscles , and they may tighten up a bit , but they will still be covered by fat and she will not look thin .

About 50% of the fat is located directly under the skin . Do you know where most of the rest is ? Inside the muscles . Doing sit-ups does not eliminate fat , nor does the vibration band on TV commercials .


The most important thing you need to do is planning yourself psychologically . Don’t use balances to measure your progress . If you practice weight lifting , you may gain a few pounds while losing a few inches at the waist . Instead , use the pair of jeans you want to put on again , or the pair you are wearing now . You will see some subtle changes every few weeks , which will give you confidence .

The higher you go , the better . Stretch your back and legs every day to improve your posture . When you go to work by car , sit up straight and adjust the review mirror . So you know when you are lazy . When you sit at the desk , don’t let your shoulders lean forward . You only need to do these things to look smaller .


I hate to say that . We have all seen people with ” good genes ” and don’t know if they know how lucky they are . They may not , but it doesn’t matter . Treat it as a character-building experience . If you blame your ancestors of excess meat in the middle , don’t feel helpless . You just need to work harder than others .

You can still build a slimmer body of cardiovascular exercise , health , balance , low-fat diet and any additional activities you invest in . This may not be a novel method , but it does work .

I am not telling you that it is very simple , but it is actually very simple . In an age when people don’t even have to grill steaks outside , spending a few dollars on fast food is tempting . However , human anatomy has not changed much in history . If you adopt the professional ethics of your grandparents and apply them to your daily life , you will achieve the greatest success .

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