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How to make fruit enzymes to lose weight?

Some time ago , I saw about the method of weight loss with fruit enzymes in the circle of friends . According to the merchants , this method of weight loss is very simple , and it can be done at home . Regular consumption of fruit enzymes can not only lose weight , but also have a beauty effect . be the fruit enzyme really so magical , can you lose weight ?

Can you lose weight by making fruit enzymes ?

Some people do not understand enzymes very well , and they feel very professional and powerful at first glance . If you have studied biology , you must be familiar with enzymes . In fact , enzymes is a kind of enzyme , and the main component of enzymes is protein . After the enzyme enters the intestine , the activity will decrease , or even lose its activity , and it will be broken down quickly under the action of gastric juice , so eating enzymes cannot play a role in weight loss .

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To make fruit enzymes , you need to slice a variety of fruits and seal them in a sterilized glass bottle . They cannot be opened with this period . They must be kept for at least a month or two . In fact , the weight loss effect of fruit enzymes is not as good as advertised . Making your own enzymes do not guarantee that the environment is sterile . It may be mixed with other bacteria and may diarrhea after eating .

Healthy people have tens of thousands of enzymes to work in the body in order to meet the normal operation of the body . The synthesis of enzymes is also carried out in the body , so the additional enzymes cannot be used , so eating is equal to not eating . In order to ensure the enzymes needed by the body , pay attention to the intake of nutrients , so that the enzymes in the body can work properly .

Homemade fruit enzymes are harmful

In the process of making fruit enzymes , you cannot guarantee that the food is fully fermented , especially in the spring and summer season , it is easy to breed bacteria , and the enzymes made are easy to mix with other bacteria , . So it is not good for your health after eating . Homemade fruit enzymes cannot completely remove pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables . Symptoms of nausea and vomiting may appear after eating . So it is not recommended to eating homemade fruit enzymes often .

There are many cases of people hospitalized because of eating fruit enzymes , most of them because they cannot guarantee the order and time of operation , which leads to the growth of bacteria . The easiest way to lose weight is to eat fruits directly , there are many types of fruits , mainly low-calorie fruits , such as apples , pears , grapefruits , kiwis , with a healthy diet to lose weight , long-term adherence can see weight loss results .

Weight loss requires long-term persistence , so there is no shortcut . The daily body calorie intake should be less than the consumption , in order to help the body burn excess fat and play the role of weight loss . Exercise is also the best way to burn fat . So you can exercise for half an hour after meals every day to avoid fat accumulation , and exercise can also make your body healthier .

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