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How to maintain after successful weight loss?

It is difficult to lose weight . It is more difficult to keep weight loss and not rebound . It is an important question about many people to maintain after losing weight . Some people asked , I used the dietary weight loss precautions recommended by my wow weight loss network and the method of controlling calorie intake . I have lost weight , and my body is already very satisfied . Do I still need to eat like this ? In fact , often at this time , a lot of controlled diets have developed lifestyle habits . If you have good habits , you must stick to it .

Five points to keep after losing weight successfully

First , all commandments , as long as they form a habit , must be maintained all the time , and do not change the good habits back .

Second , NEAT (weight loss method without exercise : NEAT weight loss method ) and exercise , even after successful weight loss , you must continue to adhere . We need to develop a good habit of multi-activity and regular exercise , which is very important to maintain the effect of weight loss , but also a good way to maintain health .

Third , I am very satisfied with the results of weight loss . Some precepts can be relaxed . For example , what to eat . Originally , you can’t eat high-fat things , but now you can eat properly .

When you want to eat something delicious , you can’t help it , you don’t need to endure it . It’s just that you’re eating unhealthy today . Just keep a healthy diet of a few days . Don’t be afraid that after losing weight , you can eat fat and go back . It’s impossible .

When many people are fat , that’s how it is . The so-called ” no bite , no debt , no worries ” . But once I lost weight , I was very anxious all day , and I was worried about eating a bite , fearing that I would go back . If you eat too much this meal , you will have a serious sense of guilt , and you will not let yourself to go , and your emotions will be greatly affected .

This will affect the maintenance of weight . The accumulated emotions will eventually be vented by overeating . Once the psychological defense line of weight loss collapses , the results of weight loss are really abandoned .

Actually , no one gets fat during a meal . If you want to increase your body fat by 1 kilogram , you need about 8,000 kilocalories of calories . With such a large calorie , even if you hold the bottle and drink oil , you should drink nearly 2 kilograms . This amount is unimaginable to ordinary people .

To gain weight , there must be a process . Most people get a little bit fat within a year or a few years . If you are successful in losing weight , you may eat more than one meal at a time during the maintenance process . There is nothing to worry about . Eat less the next day , and just keep a healthy diet of the next two or three days (then you can allow yourself to eat one more time . In fact , it is similar to the concept of light fasting , but it is not so extreme ) . It is okay to eat more than two meals . I’m afraid of eating too much

So I generally recommend to people that have lost weight , during the period of retention , they can eat delicious , intermittent tasting food , discontinuous excessive intake is enough . Don’t eat anything like undercover , trembling like thin ice , . So you are likely to get fat again .

Fourth , there are several special commandments in the diet commandments , it is recommended that you always strictly observe them .

1 . Control to eat out once a week , and do not eat staple food .

2 . When chewing food in your mouth , please put down the cutlery in your hands temporarily .

3 . There should be 600 grams of green leafy vegetables in the food every day .

4 . Eat a little bite . No matter what you eat , the usual bite is now divided into two or three .

5 . As long as there are conditions , dinner will be finished before 7 o’clock , and you can’t eat after dinner every day .

6 . Do not buy or store ready-to-eat food at home .

7 . Eat slowly . When you eat , you must slowly chew each bite 35 times before swallowing , and wait for your food to be completely swallowed before taking another bite .

These seven commandments do not affect our taste of food at all . If we keep following them , it is very good for maintaining weight .

Fifth , use fat calipers to measure fat thickness and waist circumference every three days . As long as you strictly abide by the precepts and reduce the amount of food at the same time , wait three days and then take the test again .

Everyone must adjust their mentality , and don’t have any anxiety , otherwise it is not conducive to maintaining the weight loss effect . As long as we fulfill the above seven precepts , I can tell everyone responsibly that it is impossible for you to go back fat .

Tell everyone a story . I have a student that has been fat since childhood and has lost weight for many years and ended in failure of no other reason . I like to enjoy food . Later , she followed me to learn to lose weight and made up her mind . This time , she must quit those high-calorie things . She made the worst plan . She will never eat after the big deal . I must be beautiful and must be healthy .

I know in my heart that it is not necessary to lose weight , but I did not tell her at first . I want her to be full of fighting spirit of the stage of getting used to it , even breaking the sunken boat , because she really likes food too much . Later , her diet control has been done for two and a half months , and the weight loss has achieved initial results , but once she couldn’t control it , she broke the ring and ate a big meal . She thought that this was over , and her previous efforts were all in vain .

It turned out that the next day was no good . After that , she ate every few days she wanted to eat . If you enjoy the food today , you will eat less tomorrow . In this way , not only did she enjoys a variety of foods , her weight did not rebound .

I generally recommend that to weight loss results , you can keep it for a month , and then continue to lose weight further . Her initial weight loss results were maintained in this ” intermittent enjoyment of food ” state for about a month and a half , and then continued to start a new round of weight loss , the effect is also good . In this process , she didn’t not eat delicious food at all , but she mastered the degree and methods , and she knew what she was thinking .

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