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Weight Loss / Easy weight loss / How to lose weight with upper body obesity? Upper body fat loss method

How to lose weight with upper body obesity? Upper body fat loss method

Weight loss can not be numb , you need to know where you have more fatter , what type of obesity should be classified according to where you lose weight , such as upper body obesity , lower body obesity , and general obesity ! Different obesity situations need to be aimed at different weight loss methods , otherwise the weight loss will be reduced if the weight loss is unsuccessful , so how to lose weight ? Today , I will recommend the upper body fat loss method of everyone . , Let’s take a look at how to thin the upper body !

Yoga for weight loss

Yoga are a soothing , very suitable exercise method for girls . At the same time , she has a lot of movements . Different movements have different weight loss effects . You can exercise only if you choose to exercise , so that the obese upper body can be restored to Slim state !

The top ten of the weight loss medicine list of recommend several weight loss yoga poses , which are very effective against weight loss in the upper body . It can also relieve stiff shoulders , burning pain in the waist , numb hands . and mouse hand , cervical spondylosis , muscle strain and so on !

Beef noodle

Seated , knees overlap , heels outside hips , hands clasped behind , eyes straight . Avoid steppe on your waist and sinking your knees .

Half-spine twists

Sitting , with the left foot on the outside of the right hip , the knee sinking , and the right foot on the outside of the left knee , twisting the upper body , looking forward , the same as the reverse side . Place the center flat , keeping the spine straight and shoulders to spread .

Cat stretches

Prone , with your hands and feet the same width as your shoulders , the waist sinks when inhaling , the hips head upwards , the back upwards when exhaling , and the hips neck retracts . Keep your arms straight , paying attention to breathing .

One leg back stretch

Seated , with the left foot on the inner side of the right thigh , the right foot back to the hook , the upper body bent forward to grasp the right foot with both hands . Change to the other side . The knee bone should be lifted , and the thigh muscles are always tight .


Stand , with your feet apart and shoulder-width apart , with your hands flat on your side , then bend to and see the fingertips above . The same is true of/to the reverse side . Keep your knees upright while keeping your knees straight .


Stand , with your feet apart and shoulder-width apart , with your hands flat on your side , your right leg bent and your knees sink , your thighs parallel to the ground , and see the tip of your right finger . Press down hard on the outside of your left foot and straighten your upper body .

Standing forward

Keep your feet apart , lower your waist , use both hands to hold the ankles of your feet as much as possible , and let your top of your head find your toes . Straighten your legs and stretch your neck .

Downs dog

Landing on all fours , straighten your legs together , step on your heels as far as possible , and stretch your arms to open your palms with your fingers . Neck muscles must be relaxed .

Double angles

Stand with your feet apart , with your toes pointing straight ahead , your upper body bent forward , and put your hands on the extension of the parallel lines in your feet . Place the center of gravity of the feet and stretch the neck .

Push-ups to lose weight

Obesity of the upper body are mainly due to more fatter on the arms and abdomen , and push-ups can fully exercise the muscles of these two parts . At the same time , when girls do push-ups , they may spend more energy and consume more energy !

Skipping to lose weight

The skipping rope has a very good weight loss effect , and there are many other ways to lose weight . It can accelerate the burning of body fat . The accumulation of fat on the upper body can be effectively exercised . The skipping rope needs to be adhered to .

As long as you keep on all sports , you will see the effect , everyone sticks to it !

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