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How to lose weight for white-collar workers

Slimming The first thing to lose weight is the tummy , and when people start to gain weight , they start with the tummy first , then the tummy first , then the whole body , and the office white-collar workers often have less sedentary exercise for a long time , so all tummy is the easiest to grow . Where to get up . For example , major offices often talk about how to lose weight for white-collar workers . Today , I’ll recommend a few simple tips for clever thin bellies in OL family , so that white-collar workers aren’t worried about weight loss or worry about ” bellies” .

Method one : Sit in a chair and slowly raise your legs .

Method 2 : Put your hands gently on your lower abdomen , exhale slowly , and at the same time exhale , your lower abdomen will gradually tighten . The exhalation slowly accelerated , the lower abdomen tightened , and the shoulders remained relaxed . When the lower abdomen has received the tightest degree , the gas is also exhausted at the same time .

Method 3 : After the shoulders and lower abdomens are relaxed , slowly start inhaling . Inhale as much as possible . At this time , the lower abdomen does not need to contract , but instead changes the pressure of the abdomen downward .

The main purpose of this exercise are to eliminate belly fat . But this kind of exercise can’t see any effect if you do it two or three times . At least you must persevere to do two or three times each morning and afternoon , at least one eight beat each time for 3 months , you can definitely see the effect .

Tips for thin belly tips : use sea salt more

What is the culprit causing your belly fat ?

Is the salt in your diet . You can use natural sea salt , which contains less sodium than ordinary salt .

Stay away from soy sauce , even low-sodium soy sauce contains higher sodium , which will cause the abdomen to become bloated immediately .

If you want to make the food more delicious , you can choose fresh tomato sauce or a spoonful of pepper , which can promote the new metabolism .

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