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How to lose weight and fight against the “apple-shaped obesity” of married men?

After marriage , most men will gradually start to gain weight , and their beer belly will become more and more famous . Finally , the so-called ” apple-shaped body ” is formed . How to fight against the ” apple-shaped obesity ” of married men ? Let’s take a look at the method introduced to you by the editor .

Reasons for apple-shaped figure :

Stress causes ” apple-shaped obesity ” . Increased stress leads to changes in hormone secretion , which is another important reason for men to gain weight after marriage . The increase in ideological pressure will lead to an increase in adrenal glucocorticoids . This is a stress response , and it also proves the magic of the human nerve and endocrine system . The original function of this hormone is to increase blood sugar , make the mind more alert and clear , and it increases It helps to deal with all kinds of complicated things that bring pressure . But at the same time , excessive secretion of adrenal glucocorticoids will change the distribution of adipose tissue in the body . At this time , this hormone is like a diligent porter . It moves fat from other parts of the body of the abdomen in a short time . Make a lot of fat accumulates around the abdominal organs and on the abdominal wall .

At this time , men will have a ” general belly ” or ” beer belly ” with a big belly , which is medically called abdominal obesity or ” apple-shaped obesity ” . Obesity leads to a decrease in androgens . Obesity itself can also cause obesity . This sentence seems to be a sick sentence at first glance , but it actually means that obesity itself will cause new fat to increase . Generally , we are familiar with the hazards of obesity , but most people cite common hazards such as high blood pressure , diabetes , and heart disease , and know less about another important hazard .

Abdominal reduction exercises for men after marriage :

1 . Fitness balls curl

Lie flat on the exercise ball , feet flat on the ground , hands on the side of the head , arms open . Tuck the chin slightly toward the chest , exhale , contract the abdominal muscles and lift the upper body about 45 degrees , hold for 2 seconds , and then slowly return to the starting position . In order to maintain balance , your feet can be separated more . If you increase the difficulty , you can do it with your feet together .

2 . Boarding in the air

Lie on your back on the floor with your lower back close to the ground . Put your hands on the side of your head and open your arms . Raise your legs and slowly climb the bike . Exhale , lift the upper body , touch the left knee with the right elbow joint , hold the position on 2 seconds , and then restore . Then touch the right knee with the left elbow joint , hold the same for 2 seconds , and then slowly return to the starting position .

How to lose abdomen and how to train abdominal muscles after marriage , we should first understand the role of abdominal muscles . Abdominal muscles include rectus abdominous , external oblique , internal oblique and transverse abdominous . When they contract , they can bend and rotate the torso and prevent the pelvis from tilting forward . The abdominal muscles also play an important role in the movement and stability of the lumbar spine , and can also control the movement towards the pelvis and spine . Weak abdominal muscles may cause pelvic anterior tilt and increased lumbar flexion , and increase the chance of low back pain .

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